Cuban crackdown on democracy campaign

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, May 21, 2005.

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    And just to tie this into the Galloway thread, Gorgeous George is on the record as saying that, in his opinion, Fidel is not a dictator:

    But then whilst the people of Cuba have actually spent 40 years living under Communism, Gorgeous George has just spent the last 40 years masturbating over it... [thx to Mrs Stoat for this statement, which I have abridged from her original]
  2. Ah yes, GG's fine grasp of the role of the vanguard party; the members of which will, of course, when conditions are right, release their grasp on power and let the will of the people rule free... Ah, utopia! :roll:
  3. Castro's stood up to the threat of the US for nigh on 50 years. The US have wanted him dead all this time, but just weren't smart enough - it's typical of the Americans to bungle this along with all the other cock-ups they've been involved in.

    Fidel Castro is a hero to the common man in Cuba - I sincerely hope his successor can hold out for the full century and manage to get international trade going to feed his people, despite American interference. Most things you'll read about Cuba and the dictatorship of Castro are seen through the distorting prism of the western media, owned and controlled by disgusting power-crazed oligarchs - so of course you won't get the truth. Be very sceptical about what you read. Cuban people have been made to suffer due to US sanctions, in the same way that the Iraqi people suffered and died during western sanctions (which we never heard much about funnily enough - George Galloway reminded us on Question Time the other night about the million who had starved, and was interrupted by the 'impartial' David Dimbleby "Yes George, you've told us about that before on this programme" - ok Dimbleby, you may have heard it before, but millions of people who only get British TV/Radio or read the Murdoch press/Daily Mail/Star/Telegraph won't have read very much about it.

    Keep going Fidel - George Galloway may model himself on you, but despite his barnstorming performance in Washington last week, he's got a long way to go to catch up :wink: