Cuban bomber arrested in US

Lets see how Mr. Bushes War On terror works with this one, or is it acceptable because it US sponsored freedom fighters/Anti-communists?

From the BBC

CIA connection
Mr Posada Carriles has been been linked to a series of attacks on Cuban interests over the last four decades
Washington officials had said they had no knowledge of his whereabouts, which prompted Mr Castro to accuse the Bush administration of hypocrisy. He said the US "war on terror" would lose credibility if Washington refused to act against an alleged terrorist on its own soil
Nice to see how this pans out, or could it be a pair of concrete wellys in Hudson bay
seeing that the US has no extradition treaty (or any treaty for that matter) with Cuba I say he be handed over to the World Court and let them deal with him.

Edited cause I didn't read all the facts:

So it is Venezuela that wants him and not Cuba. Turning him over to the World Court, since Chavez is acting on behalf of Castro, should solve the problem. Or return him to Cuba by detaining him in Gitmo. Either way he appears to be a terrorist and should be tried as such.

Mr Posada Carriles - who was born in Cuba but now holds Venezuelan nationality - has denied involvement in the attack on the Cuban airline passenger plane on a flight from Caracas to Havana.
Mr Posada Carriles escaped a Venezuelan prison in 1985 while awaiting a trial on appeal.

He was twice acquitted by Venezuelan courts of plotting to bomb the plane.

The US says it will not deport Mr Posada Carriles to any country that would hand him over to Fidel Castro's regime in Cuba.

Venezuela has said it will not hand Mr Posada Carriles over, and Mr Castro has insisted he will be happy to see him tried there.
Is it possible that USA would harbour a terrorist? It's a very interesting question and we will see answer to it soon.
Ow my God! This had better not effect my buying Cuban cigars. Life without the occasional Cohiba, H. Upman, Partagas or Diplomatico would be shiite. :(

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