Cuba & The Axis of Oil

While those in charge of America are fighting their global war for oil by military means, their detractors are beginning to fight back with an economic war. The ‘Axis of Oil’ (including Russia, Iran and China) has moved away from trading for oil and gas with the US Dollar, which is beginning to damage the American economy. The Euro is the main beneficiary from this shift in economic power.

For background information see;link to finance page

Unfortunately, it would appear that another front in this economic war could open-up in America’s back yard, with the strong possibility that Cuba could have substantial oil reserves (A British company has recently been awarded the initial exploration rights).

With Russia complaining about America placing some of their ‘Star Wars Lite’ technology close to Russian borders, I wonder how long it will until the Russians offer ‘technical assistance’ to Cuba to help them exploit their natural resources.

…now where have we heard that before?
what would the effect be to the man in the street in USA ?

I couldn't help thinking of Harold Wilson's "Pound in your pocket" speech.

should say "Dollar in your pocket"


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Anything that comes the EU's way is a good thing. I'm not going to be too sad to see the dollar taking a further dive.

Having said this, what's this latest spat with Russia and the UK going to do to us in terms of oil deals?
Cuba already has a sizable oil industry, it's right next door to their main tourist industry, benefitting the gringos with fumes and noise.
Fidel's on his way out, if not dead already. Commienism will survive him by about 5 minutes.
He only lasted so long because the US demonised him, the Ugly American made the pointless twat a hero.

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