Cuba says will not be blackmailed by hunger striker

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Spot_the_Dog, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. BBC link on the story:

    I really do feel for the Cuban government, having someone starve themselves to death to try and make his point. How could anyone be so callous and vindictive?

    Edit: In Havana, Cuba you can see the sandwich dodger 'Bobby Sands' memorial.
  2. if he aint drinking he died days ago.
    could he go a fish supper?
  3. What they should do is pump air from Sainsburys bakery into his cell, especially if he can hang out till Easter (Hotcross buns would do any stickman in.)
  4. And when was the last time you went shopping for food in Havana?

    Cuba's a third world country, crippled by its own brand of communism and US lust for 50 years of failing to kick Castro et al out.

    BTW the government there has no trouble with murdering teenage dissidents, so maybe they're only saving a bullet with this one and letting him get on with it in his own time...