Cuba and American Government attitude.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. seems with regards to Foriegn poicy especially with Soviet Union, Corrupt ditatorships, China, they have a strange attitude over Cuba, seems they couldn't get over the fact they got their ass busted in Cuba, they were guilty of supporting a corrupt dictator Batista , they decide to throw the dummy out and get into a massive strop that has lasted years to the point where it is getting ridiculous and childish :roll: they seem to lose all common sense with regards to Cuba.

    I know the Regime is communist, so is a lot of states they have trading agreements with, including really corrupt and sadistic regimes that makes Cuba look like a holiday camp.
    Dmocratic changes will not occur by repression and embargos , it can be stimulated by prosperity, if people have more emoney , better cars , housing, easier travel opportunities they will agitate for change by themselves.
    most Cubans may not agree with castro but they also resent US bullying. they haven't forgotten American Govt backing for Batista dictatorship with all the usual repression that goes with it.
    two side of the same coin ? Castro (communist) Batista (Non-communist) same methods
    the embargo suits Castro down to the ground as it justifies his grip on power.
    its the people that suffers

    finally 2 veiws from the young and the old
  2. It's a very interesting theme.

    But what will happen in the case of the 'freedom'? Probably nothing special in daily life of ordinary Cubans. They don't see a good example among Caribean countries. Maybe Haiti?

    And if mr.Bush so cares about human rights on Cuban soil then he could begin with Guantanamo.

    The economical blockade during almost half century was fruitless. Unlikely it will work (while Castro is alive). Happily mr.Bush is clever enough not to fancy about military action.

    What is a possible future of post-Castro's Cuba? Is it possible that communists (or lefties) could come to power as a result of fair elections? Why not? Look at Bolivia or Venezuela.

    And what if Castro indeed will reach 100 yo mark? Btw, Cuban medicine is one of the best in Latin America.