Completed my CTW this week, not sure how anyone else feels who has done it but I got an enormous amount of information and guidance - especially the one to one time with my Careers Consultant. I have 9 months left before 22 is up and would strongly advise anyone to get their CTW done sooner rather than later.

:D :D :D
Found mine a waste of time. However everyone gets something different from it so may as well take the time off work!

I'd recommend that you get it in as soon as you decide/ have to leave. Do you have any other courses booked through the Resettlement People? You may find that if you stick your CV out you won't get any responses till your available for work. Good to test the water though!

I got mucked about with paper work and interviews so chase them as much as you can to get everything sorted. Hopefully you'll have a better experience but keep on at everyone to ensure you get what you need!
CTW - Careers Transition Workshop ? Was that the 3 - 5 dayer you did telling you how to write CVs ?

If so mine had some merit but was hideously out of date, some ancient battleaxe telling me to send CVs in on buff coloured paper so it would stand out when all I was asked for was electronic copies, that sort of thing, plus all the agents told me to re-write it as it was pants and in an out of date format.

All I felt they were trying to do was tell me I was going to find it hard and wont get the money I got in the army outside when in reality my first salary far outstripped anything I got whilst in.

Maybe its a personal thing but I found it very limited, but saying that theres been a few years since I did mine and maybe things have improved.

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