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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by sparkysapper, May 4, 2006.

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  1. I am in my last 2 years of service and it has been advised that i do my CTW when i have 18mths left to serve, my question is from the people that have completed their time is:

    When in your opinion is the best point to complete the CTW?

    Some guys i have spoken to wished they had left it till a bit closer to their end date and others have said that 6 mths from their end date was better.

    Personally, i haven't found a course in the resettlement magazines jumps out at me and would make me spend the pittance of money the Military give me to resettle.

    Your thoughts please.

  2. Hi sparkysapper
    I did my CTW about 8 months before I left it seemed the right time to me as it fitted around what was going on for me at the time, as for a course there is either someting that will help you in your future career or getting the MoD to pay for a good holiday, eg learning to dive in Florida, Snowdoarding in New Zealand, lots of firms who are on the service leavers training package have a person/dept who are quite savvy about how to fill out the paperwotrk, also the Enhanced learning credits is useful for courses
  3. i'd say do it as soon as you can...i did mine last year...but it's one of those things you have to do inline with the other resettlement activities. Choose your resettlement course asap also...i left mine to the last minute as i also had no idea what i wanted to do and i've just managed to squeeze it all in before termination leave. The sooner you do your course the sooner you can start getting work placements (if the course requires it) or start looking for jobs. Bombard your resettlement advisor/officer in your unit with questions and find out what you are entitled to. The new system means you have to pay up front for a course and you claim it all back(so keep all receipts!!) at the end...and yes...for all that time you gave the army...600 odd quid is a HUGE amount to put towards a course on leaving...not :roll:
  4. Cheers for the info so far.

  5. if you did it too early you might be in danger of leaving the services with outdated info?
  6. What, you mean I can't be a Colonial Governer in India? :cry:
  7. Sparky - have you got your ELC? If so, consider doing the PRINCE2 project manager cse - look at the Bristol Management Centre (or somewhere similar) - it will cost you a wee bit, but it's a very valuable cse outside and you can earn a fair bit doing Project Mgt. If you consider doing the cse ask how long it takes to get the certificate back - it can take a few months to mark, so you will need to factor that in for future jobs.

    I don't know what you are looking at, but the Accounting for manager's cse was excellent and extremely useful for phase 2 of life. It cost about £250 for a week - far less than you would spend outside and gives you an insight into business accounting (whether you like it or not, you will need to understand it) - also v.good instr.

    Last 6 months is probably the best time to do it all - your focus is on leaving and, provided you plan it carefully, it is a really useful six months to use - plus noone gives a monkey's what you are doing so you can capitalise on that for some backshee!!

    Good luck and make the most of the time and cash available - I am and it's proving very useful - plan and use it well and you will reap the benefits.
  8. Also, make the most of the NVQs etc that you are entitled to get - the more quals you have at an interview, the more chances of getting gainful employment.
  9. Also, make the most of the NVQs etc that you are entitled to get and use mil time to get them - too few people take the opportunity and it's ther for the taking - the more quals you have at an interview, the more chances of getting gainful employment.