well i have done my 6 week ctts course, got my certificates but the dam credit crunch bollocks is affecting every thing, i have got my cv out on all the job sites i can think off,and wrote of to the telecoms companies i can think off but to no luck so far. If any one can give me some ideas what to do, i still have 4 weeks before i leave so i am not worried to much but the weeks seem to come quicker and quicker.
Give Mike Harbon a call. I spoke to him a while back while looking to move and he seemed to be on the ball. He takes alot of ex-forces and sets up his own teams sometimes.

Edit: he use to do mostly recruitment but seems to be now doing mostly work, he'll have a load of good contacts I'd expect.

Edit: Royal Signals resettlement site may have some stuff you'd be interested in, either jobs or people to contact in the sector.

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