Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by bootneck01, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. Just do let you guys know i am on week 5 now, its all going well, its al abit of a head f--k but its going very well.
    I have started to get my cv out to recruitment agencies that is doing telecomms in the middle east but i am trying to find out more.
    Does anyone know of any websites that list telecoms agencies or know or any websites.

    Cheers for the help
  2. Try these


    Theyre mainly into training but there is also a jobs section.
  3. cheers, hopefully something will come up for the middle east
  4. Hi Mate

    try these, they are always looking for SC cleared bods, and to be honest you will find that the clearance will more than make-up for your lack of on the job experience.

    In the past I've come across guys with no IT / Comms experience dropping PC's on desks for £20 plus an hour simply because they had SC, you may not get the fibre / cabling job you want straight off but use the clearance to your advantage to get some money in the bank and a foot in the door.





    What agencies have you tried ?
  5. the ones i have tried are


    So if any one has anymore it would be welcomed
  6. bootneck01 how are the other guys on the course getting on with finding a job, are many going to do the two week work experience ? if so do they know who they are going to be placed with ?
  7. the lads that are doing the five week course have had there work experience arranged for them now, my mate has got his with a company in Bristol call Avon line, i have not done any research on them so dont know what they are like.
    Today i started getting phone calls bout jobs, they were all seem to be intrested in the SDH and the city and guilds but i guess that all depends on the job at hand.
    If you have any other questions feel free to ask, but to be honest there are a shit load of jobs out there you just have to find.
  8. ok guys on the last week now, SDH its suppose to be a hed f--k but we will see.
  9. well its been my first day on the SDH my head hurts already lol
  10. Well guys just to let you know i have finished the 6 week course, its been six weeks of head f__k but well worth it, i now have 8 weeks before i leave the marines, so gotta start the job hunting soon as. If you have anny questiond regarding the course or anything else feel free to ask.
  11. A few questions:

    Did you use the accomodation provided if so how difficult was it to get through resettlement (non availabilties, etc) or did you have to stay in service accom?

    How much of the course did you have to pay for yourself and how much did resettlement\ELC's pay?