CTTS - which course?

Hi guys

Seriously considering doing one of these courses. Not sure whether to take the 4 week or the full 6 week course. Can anyone advise how beneficial the SDH and airblown fibre modules are in helping to secure work?

Cheers :?
Hi mate i am in the same position as you, i am very intrested in doing a ctts course, infact i will be doing a ctts course next year, cant do it at the moment as i am on ops at the moment, but anyway i am looking at doing the 6 week course cause after looking at a few telecom jobs, some of them do ask for a bit of SDH knowledge, so it cant help to learn another subject and also its only another week.

I am stil trying to find what kind of jobs are avaliable but there is quite a few decent ones out there, and the money is pretty decent, but it all depends on the jobs (its better than what i am on in the marines, so its good for me)

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