CTTS - Telecoms training Lincoln

Am going on a course with them next month - has anyone any experience or dealings with them? Any info would be useful.


I almost went with them but realised that once I finished I would probably be mending cables in a hole somewhere outside. If you enjoy working with cables and fibre you should be ok, work you will get you will have to move about for, there isn't much which isn't contract. Mate of mine who was a Tele Mech (similar qualified to what you'll be) is now working on DII all round the country. Got a good rep but not cheap!
hi, i did my resettlement course through them in 97, you will definately get a foot in the door within the telecoms industry,but sadly there are a lot of bad companys to work for out there . but the money is usually good as well as getting the hands on experiance,you need it might be a long slog to get into a decent company,but the good thing with telecomms theres always something new to learn,& every job is different. good luck with you,re choice. :D

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