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Just look at the quilifications gained from doing a ctts course and seeing if they can be used on civi street but can not find many/ if very little, does anyone know any decent websites ????
Hello mate, I did the full 6 week CTTS course for my resettlement last summer prior to leaving the R.Sigs in March after 22 years. I had a comms background anyway but had never done anything on the cabling side. I did enjoy the course and parts of it were quite intensive. The centre has good facilities and the bloke that runs the place is a decent fella. I learned a lot and you walk away with a sh*t load of quals. I ended up getting a job in radio, so the cabling side never came into play for me but at my interview they were very impressed with the quals I had gained from the course and I think that helped swing it my way.

After you leave the course you are added onto a database and the guy sends out emails almost on a daily basis of firms/recruiters who are looking for guys for cabling. I still receive them and like to have a scan through them. Most of the work tends to be contract stuff, as you can imagine that once the cabling is in then it is in. Before I got my job now I did do a couple of short term contract jobs, one on DII and the other installing broadband cabinets into BT exchanges, so there is always work out there if you look hard enough. The money tends to be at about £120/130 a day for cabling and some higher than that if you have security clearance.

I suppose when it comes down to it it is up to you but if you are just looking for a bit of reassurance that it is a decent resettlement course then yes I would say so and it also helps with the job front as well. Hope this helps.
thanks for that cause i am hearing mix things bout it but as you said its down to the person cause i think no matter what course i do in telecoms they would offer all near enough the same quals. So once you completed the course what kind of help did you get when it come to employment besides emails, do they give talks bout it, sorry for askin this but being in the military is my only job, so when i leave i dont wanna be messing around and struggling to find a new job

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