CTTS or Cnet

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of CTTS or Cnet,getting out next year and hoping to get into the data / fibre industry but not thatclued up on training providers, or if there’s actually any really call forthe skills these outfits offer to teach you.
CTTS. Cnet only provide very few qualifications for your money and package C&G qualifications into there own made up named qualification.

CTTS Give you BTEC and C&G recognised qualifications, they also have the Openreach training contract at the centre in Lincoln.

If you want to go Telecommunications Engineer/ Fttx, etc. CTTS shold be your choice, purely due to the qualifications gained.


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I realise this thread is two years old, in fact whilst typing this I've realised I was in Afghanistan when the OP posted =/

I'm looking at doing the 7 week CTTS course, my question is can I stay at a local Camp/station/base rather than pay the £4k accommodation fees?

Also if anyone has completed the 7 week course, could you let me know hows life on the outside going?


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4k for accom fees? Someone is making a few bob.

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