CTTS Fibre courses - worth it? Which ones?

Evening all,

Having already done a search I'm after some up to date gen ref the CTTS fibre optic training courses in Lincoln. I'm intending to NTT next year after 9 years in the Royal Signals and just trying to get a bit of a game plan sorted for what courses I want to do in resettlement.

I will have one ELC left to use after funding my degree and intend to use it to part fund the 4 week residential "CITY & GUILDS 7540-13 LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATE IN ICT SYSTEMS AND PRINCIPLES" which seems to the bog standard to get a look-in from BT, Virgin Media etc. Has anyone done it recently? The older threads seem to think it was a worthwhile course to undertake and offered some decent prospects.

They also offer "Level 3 City & Guilds 6144-31 Award In Understanding Planning Supervising And Managing Working At Height (ELC)" for £560 - again, is this worth it? I would have to fund this out of my own pocket so don't want to waste my cash but don't mind if it's something that is looked upon favourably.

If anyone has any other recommendations for courses to undertake in this field it would be appreciated - resettlement seems like a bit of a minefield at first glance with some companies offering totally sh*te courses.

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