"CTTS" Anybody Actually Got A Job


I’m considering doing the six weeks course and would like to know the thoughts of anybody that has actually done the course, and also if they managed to get work that did not require them having current SC clearance.
I will be doing the 6 week ctts at some point this year, apperantly they have a good success rate at gettin people employment,but like your self i want to hear people that have done the course. I have just got back from Afganistan and have talk to one the guys that have done the course who is now doing the whole cabling thing
I did the 6 week course last year mate, wasnt out of work long, (4 weeks) things are going slow at the moment with telecoms, but if your from down south theres bleedin loads of jobs. On the course, prepare yourself as its a hell of a lot to take in a short time. The hardest part of the course is the SDH if that doesn't make your eyeballs bleed then i don't know what will. If you want any questions answering just ask.
yea i know all the work seems to be down south with very good money but as i said a ex marine did the 6 week course and is now working in Afgan so the money is defo there but it all depends on how far from work you are willing to work, as for me i intend to do the course and do as much work abroad as possible cause the money is really good
I do fancy giving the course ago but as my SC lapsed a couple of years ago I'm interested if there is much work out there for someone who doesn't have it.

I'm more than happy to travel anywhere in the world but as bombdr2494 said the telecoms industry is pretty flat at the moment, (I've been contracting in the IT world for a number of years).

Just trying to workout if its going to be worth the cost.
Don't worry about lapsed SC, if they want you they'll push it through. The fact that you've been cleared before should make it quicker than that last time.
I done the full course earlier this year and as of now have not got a job, however that is not a reflection on the tuition or the course content. there are loads of jobs out there in this field and if you wish to travel then oppertunity to do that to, from my course i know of people that are now earning good money and fully employed. but the SDHis only really relevant if you live in those sort of areas, before you go on the course research whats available in your area that you wish to work, if there is no SDH then save yourself over a grand and dont do it but keep it on the back burner for a later date if something comes up.

Good luck

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Hi capricorn1

can I ask are most of the jobs currently available reliant on having SC clearance, it appears to me when I search the jobsites that this is the case.

As I said mine has run out so don't want to shell out loads of cash and find myself un-employed or in a very low paid job.
Your SC clearance (and any other DVA clearance) lapses when you leave the service. No exceptions, even if the the Company you work for is an X-list company (HMG approved).

When you join a company they will have you fill in DVA forms and get your clearance, this is usually done in UK (but not necesarily) and you deploy to whatever theatre you are working in with your clearance "pending". This is adequate for most private contracts, even US Govt.

However, once in country if you require SC clearance to do your job, for instance, you have acces to SIPR or SVOIP, some employers and their security beurocrats will insist you are escorted.

If you have held SC or STRAP TS you will be processed by DVA more quickly, but I'm sure you can just guess at how proficient they are. I was STRAP TS when I left and have been waiting 6 months for them to renew it, but it doesn't stop me doing my job (not CTTS).

My advice: get the interview done, dazzle them, get the job, deploy and stary trying to work out how to spend your oodles of cash and let your employer work out the details. It is the company not the contractor (you) who is responsible for sorting and chasing the DVA up.

If you need any more info, PM me.

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