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Discussion in 'ACF' started by mo8462, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. Alas no.

    Unless you have TA or Reg service behind you.
  2. Not neccesarily, however to be SAA and RMQ 1 -3 (essential quals) you'd have to be at least Cpl.

    I'd be more interested in how they will attract quality blokes for a two year tour... seems to be a lacking in other quals too ie Adv Trg.
  3. From the FTRS DIN:

    There is also scope to hold Acting Rank for the duration of any FTRS tour, but you must be eligible for that rank. If you were an ex Regular Cpl that qualified for, but not selected for, Sgt during your time, you may have a shot.

    My advice would be to log onto ArmyNet, navigate to the RAOL and find the Point of Contact document and ring or e-mail the person who can deal with your particular questions.
  4. Unlikely.

    Contray to popular belief, SR and LR doesn't add up to RMQ 1-3 (SA (B) 90). I am also going to guess you don't have a SAA pass? (excluding CF SAA).
  5. But why do you need RMQ 1 - 3? Surely, if SR and LR courses really teach all you need to know to run a range, then that would be sufficient (or are you saying that those qualifications are useless - which means the delivery is useless too)...
  6. we had a guy come to our officers' study weekend recently to chat to us about the changes to the CTT system. not entirely sure but I think he was the SO (3?) for cadets at brigade as a major and was applying to be one of the det commanders (a captain's post).

    one of our lot asked the question can a CFAV apply for one of the posts. the answer wasn't an answer, but as far as i could tell the answer was yes. but i got the distinct impression that the answer should have, as far as he was concerned, been no.

    he was explaining that the new system would be more permanent than 2 years (initial contract of, i believe) so that they could find suitably qualified and experienced guys who knew how to work with cadets. i think my, and a few other people's, point would be surely then it SHOULD be open to CFAVs.

    Personally I have my AIs (so SAA Instr), KGVI, Short Range, Long Range, Obstacle Course, SPA (climbing), ML(S) and ALS (advanced summer leader) and I'm a qualified teacher with almost 15 years experience who has been working with cadets for almost 5 years now. Why can't I apply? Because I never served in the regular army? (i know my year at sandhurst doesn't count.)
  7. FTRS is also open to TA.

    PS Because the slots are FTRS, they are not open to CFAVs, unless they have prior regular/ta service.