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Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by FNUSNU, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. Charles Tyrwhitt are now offering a military discount (probably losing too many customers to Lewin).
    You contact them via the e-mail address on the website to get the code. (I'm still waiting for them to get back in contact though).
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    I wouldn't bother; their shirts are absolute rubbish!
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  3. [Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:15 am Post subject: Re: CTShirts Charles Tyrwhitt
    I wouldn't bother; their shirts are absolute rubbish!]

    What absolute rot! CT shirts are of a much better quality ( Brass collar stiffeners gratis for example) and much better value for your money. I have products from both so I have had the luxury of comparing them
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  4. Great shirts, first class customer service. I have nothing but praise for CT
  5. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Tyrwhitt is the poor cousin in the shirt world. Lewins are great for everyday, but if you want a real treasure, then there are Emmetts or Alexander Boyd. Proper shirts, eye watering prices.
  6. I have had a couple of quality problems with CT and some of their fabrics are a bit strange, but even allowing for all of that, I think their shirts are perfectly acceptable for daily wear and certainly excellent value. The double-barrelled Jermyn Street makers may have the edge, but they charge silly prices, IMHO.

    But then, I'm an oik.
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  7. This is well worth a look 2 pairs of handmade leather shoes for £60 also good deals on clothing,have brought 4 pairs of shoes/boots and am well impressed with the quality and good service.Take note it's a January sale so get your orders in.

  8. Check the Dapper Clothing thread for comments on these 'handmade' shoes. Apparently its hit or miss with SW.

    Concerning CT shirts - I wear them as everyday shirts and think they are absolutely fine.
    On the other hand, I own two Lewin shirts which are lacking in substance, detail and are generally rubbish. The material is so flimsy the cuff links slip out... :roll:
  9. I have had good & bad experiences with SW.....brogues that have lasted 3 years, boots which have lasted less than 1. But at the end of the day, hand made leather shoes for £30 a pair, can't whinge.
  10. I'm all for Charles Tyrwhitt shirts, and have a number, along with Lewin, Hackett, etc. CT ones are all a decent material and great everyday shirts for in the mess or work. The slim-fit non-iron ones are usually pretty "Friday night specials" too.
  11. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Lewin has gone paper-thin. I guess it's that balance between use-and-throw-away and proper quality. I won't use them, even at the price. If you want something better but in that pond, look at Austin Reed. They'll do you three for £100, or did last time I walked in, and the cloth quality is/was far, far better.

    There's a place near me that does Eton shirts, which I always wait until the sales to visit. Better cloths and a nice fit.

    I wish, though, that I could still get Thomas Pink at the cut, cloth and price of 20 years ago... okay, maybe the price is a little too unrealistic an aspiration but the cut of their normals shirts (as distinct from the slim fits) was great before they decided that they needed to cater for the fuller British figure... and then charge a premium for the slim fits.
  12. Always had a problem ironing Pinks shirts back then a real bugger so I started to buy shirts in Jermyn Street direct from the shops. My bruv in law told me there are a few tailors in Honkers who do excellent copies of all the good makers shirts - including Turnbull and Asser.
  13. They used to have a shop near me in Ripley.

    I wandered in there once thinking two pairs of shoes for £60 was intriguing but probably too good to be true.

    It was.
  14. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    I just purchased 5 @ £35 casual shirts for £120 from Lewin. The quality and detail is cracking IMO. One checked casual shirt had 'country fit' next to it, and whilst it fitted fine, it was slightly longer in body than the other 4. Called them to question this and rather cheekily asked if they would be so kind to send a medium so I could compare, obviously returning one.

    No problem she said! Great. Then she added 'just ordered that now, but as a gesture of good will it's free and you can do what you wish with the other one'.....Fabulous, then quickly added (with the neck of a Giraffe) 'in that case can you send the green checked one instead of the plum'....No problem she added. Arrived 3 days later.

    Now that is customer service.
  15. I like CT shirts and TML ones.

    One of my favourite shirts was a CT fils a fils cotton blue shirt which felt like silk. When I had worn it to death Mrs T/S used it as a nightshirt. It looked a lot better on her.

    I assume they must sell shirts made in a Far Eastern sweat shop given the prices.

    Lewins in Guildford are currently selling four for a ton. Back in the late eighties when they just had the Jermyn Street shop their shirts were £35 and upwards. The material was much thicker than it is now and they were bastards to iron.

    CT normally do an additional 10% discount voucher in The Times when they have a sale. I bought a pair of brogues in their Jermyn Street shop five/six years ago. £200, half price with a further ten percent off. So I got a lovely pair of shoes for £90. Wore them in and had Dainite soles put on them for walking shoes. Wearing them now and they still look good.