has anyone ever heard of a corps member conducting a close target recce (in a military sense not on a bar or brothel).
On ops highly unlikely unless said corps member was either SRR, SF, PF or some other sneaky beaky organisation that does that type of thing. On exercise more than likely, even on SMC or CLMs DS usually come up with bone patrols demanding for a CTR/OP which are usually toiatlly pointless!

A CTR is a highly skilled operation and specially trained reconnaisance troops are generally required done properly it takes a long time demands good camouflage and very slow movement, heightened senses, patience and a good memory (as the CTR after action demands many serials to be satisfied).
Thats what I thought and with most teeth arm units having recce plt and so forth (which as I understand it are usually harder to get into and have the better lads in) for this type of stuff. I fail to see the need to teach it to phase 2 students over a 36hour ex on longmoor? Even worse when its A mech courses, kinda hard to CTR in a 512. Is it just me or is there any point in teaching the lads this?
Apart from my JMC at 4 Armd in '92, I've never personally done a "CTR" (read: crawling around a position on Stapel training area in the pissing rain, making more noise than a reccy mech on a CFT!) However I think we may have set a precedence when the Sammy crew of 1 RRF attended (& did very well on) a unit run reccy cadre. Reccy Platoon commander was actually over the moon that "his" REME guys could be used as more than just a tow truck. Raised the profile of an already highly respected LAD within the unit.
CraftyJay said:
. I fail to see the need to teach it to phase 2 students over a 36hour ex on longmoor? Even worse when its A mech courses,
Is this a SEME trade "Basic Blunder" type exercise or a SEME waiting for trade "Fieldcraft" type exercise?

If the former then the only thing you should be teaching them are skills pertinent to their role in the field...how to repair vehicles without the niceties of a workshop, etc.

If the latter, then teach them anything that may be of use/interest in the furtherance of their skills as a soldier.

Its all lads on trade courses and upgraders, just seems a waste of a training ex teaching lads something they will never use.
Admittedly you will rarely use CTR during your career, whatever you do. CTR is a difficult task and requires many skills, as you say it is on Phase 2, you are hardly adept at being in the Army never mind living and operating in the field.

CTR is complex and will equip you with a transferrable skillset which can be used in other situations - on Ops, Ex etc. to the benefit of you as an individual, your oppo's and those who you will be living alongside and supporting.

Or do you not consider yourself as a professional?
I'm at a phase 2 unit, didn't say I was phase 2 though and I do consider myself a professional. As you say CTRs are difficult and will rarely if never be carried out by anyone other than someone with the appropriate training. My point is why teach phase 2, A mechs a skill the won't need. I thought it was keeping the punch in the fist not finding someone to throw it at

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