ctr reports

Maybe I do, maybe I don't.

What's it to you, you total fuckstick?
Maybe I do, maybe I don't.

What's it to you, you total fuckstick?
Have you been nominated yet as Arrse Cunt of the Year? If not please allow me to put you forward.... I like odds on certainties and you can't lose.

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Don't listen to them,have this one on me.Enjoy.

A currency transaction report (CTR) is a report that U.S. financial institutions are required to file for each deposit, withdrawal, exchange of currency, or other payment or transfer, by, through, or to the financial institution which involves a transaction in currency of more than $10,000. Used in this context, currency means the coin and/or paper money of any country that is designated as legal tender by the country of issuance. Currency also includes U.S. silver certificates, U.S. notes, Federal Reserve notes, and official foreign bank notes.
Click-through rate (CTR) is a way of measuring the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website. The click-through rate of an advertisement is defined as the number of clicks on an ad divided by the number of times the ad is shown (impressions), expressed as a percentage.

Simples when you know how.;-)
CTR High Risk Security & Investigations Services Limited was established in the UK in October 2003, to provide the intelligent approach to specialist security, investigations and training services. Designed and managed by retired members of the British Special Forces and Intelligence agencies the company has become the UK’s leader within the Telecommunications industry for high risk security and threat assessments and is now an approved contractor to the Security Industry Authority (SIA). We provide a number of security related services such as Close Protection, Lone Worker Protection, Travel Security, Asset Protection,  Due-Diligence, Security Management, Intelligence Services and Hostile Environments Training which all conform to our quality management system ISO 9001 and British Standards. Our global network and infrastructure are backed by business and risk management consultants, lawyers and experienced job sector managers.
Our Jimbo the Baron ShorttShitt appears to have some serious competion here..... Ladies & Gentlemen, put your hands together for:

CTR Services Ltd

CTR Services and The Team - Retired Members of the UK Special Forces (SAS and Spec OP) that have developed Close Protection and Surveillance Services that are above reproach ...

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