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I'd be very grateful for the stories/views of those of you who left the Armed Forces without using the CTP's services. Maybe you had a firm job offer before leaving, or perhaps you felt you didn't need any help in transition. Whatever the reason and outcome, all anecdotes are welcome. If you don't want to recount your story publicly, please PM me or contact the website www.veteranstransition.co.uk.
I only really used the ctp website on the resettlement briefings, I wound up getting an offer from BT a couple of months before my leave was up.

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I registered with CTP, as the usual string of other things to do towards resettlement. But have found little use for them.

The CV I was assisted writing, sounds great, but is certainly not the right bait for the jobs I applied for and had to dumb it down considerably to even get a nibble.

Their partner site Rightjob was as much use as a chocolate teapot, because despite knowing my discharge address details, they continue to recommend jobs to me in other parts of the country and most do not sit anywhere near my field of expertise.

For some it may be a useful service, but for anyone with a modicum of sense can fare just as well off their own back.


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I went straight from the Army to the Police and it took me quite some time to shake CTP off my tail and to get them to stop bothering me / phoning me / emailing me, etc. Never took up any offers or spoke to them other than to tell them to stop calling me.

They kept wanting to find out what I'd done and where I'd gone. Bugger all to do with them unless they're trying to keep an analysis on successful re-employment after service.
Didn't use it due to being ineligible (asked for early release on Continuance) but as I was transferring to the Oz Army with the intent of retiring in Oz on completion of regular service in the Australian Army I didn't feel as if it would have offered me much had I been eligible.
Never used it. Had a job offer in UK with KBR prior to leaving but then last min offered a job with the lot im with now out in Afghanistan. Missed all the resettlement briefings as i didnt think much of the info i was getting from guys that had been on them. The only thing i used as part of resettlement stuff was doing a NEBOSH course which is just something that is on the end of my CV.
Didn't use them (left in Dec 13). Attended CTW then used resettlement monies to pay for the one course I needed. All other training was provided as part of my new career induction. I'm still receiving emails from CTP which I stick in file 13.
I used the CTW etc and had registered to use the online CTP, however I keep getting de registered. As I'm scraping by running my own business I've not bothered to try and re register. I'll just look for other jobs with the usual web sites and such like.

I've only been a civi for 9 month.

CTP have a reasonable website, and seem well meaning, just rather ineffective.
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CTW is good as long as you go in already prepared - it helps to focus your thoughts and acts as a good sanity check.

CTP is not fit for purpose. They are good at feeding service leavers through revolving doors into the likes of Babcock, BAe and the like, but not much further afield. This wouldn't be an issue in itself, but like MrBane, I was bombarded with regular demands for SITREPs once I was outside. It felt like CTP were trying to get credit for my resettlement despite having brought nothing to the party.

CTW/CTP is far better than nothing, but the service leaver who assumes that their resettlement starts and ends with them is setting themselves up for an epic fail. They are not massively trustworthy, effective or reliable shipmates in my opinion.

They are also far, far too cosy with ELCAS providers, some of whom sell pretty worthless packages. 'Quest' magazine is complicit, with shiny little articles and interviews intended to extract ELCAS credits in return for as little as possible.

Having made the leap, I'm still amazed that despite industry demand for service leavers, CTP somehow fails to put the 2 together. This is either because they're under-resourced, they're rubbish or because there is a lingering fear that if they really were effective, there would be a huge stampede for the exit. If they advertise dockyard superintendent for £23,000 pa but don't go looking for the £90,000 packages flying around elsewhere, they're doing their bit to retain service personnel and prevent PVRs.

The superintendent role and salary was gen - take away the costs of the commute and it was more lucrative to work the counter at my local Aldi.
I agree with above. I was bombarded with Sitreps and review requests which I found annoying as I was working and didn't need to be reminded of my previous career. Also the CV they provided me would sound great but it didn't give enough focus to the skills I had that would have sold me for the job I was looking for. The CV they provided would have been great if I was applying for a job in the Army.
I don't know who CTP are but from my own experience and from others whom I've hired in the past basically you cut your own cloth if you want to succeed. A CV will get you noticed perhaps, but its the skills and the application that gets you in the door. What you do from then on is up to you.
As an early leaver from continuance I didn't do any courses, but I'd already been on the CTW before I put my papers in. This was my second bite at the cherry as I'd done the full CTW and a couple of courses before the end of my 22 and before the offer of the (first) continuance in '05. I found that the CTW was far better the second time around in '10, with much less emphasis on preparing you for caretaker / G4S type jobs. I thought CTW was pretty good as general guide, and the CV writing portion was very good. The selection of courses was a bit pants, with lots of PRINCE2 & NEBOSH of dubious value, and I was at a loss of what to go for second time round before fate took the decision from my hands and I jumped ship early into a new career.

The follow up from CTP was relatively benign, and they ended up doing a "thicko dun good" article about me in Quest. Since then I haven't heard a dickie bird from them, and I came away from the experience with a fairly good opinion of the CTP.

Having said all that I will echo one of the posts above - CTP's only a starter for ten, and if you don't do anyhing else, don't be surprised if your forwarding address is third cardboard box under the railway arches and you new career is giving handjobs for chips.
I was based in Germany and serving in Afghanistan when I signed off. On return to Germany I was swiftly allocated to the CTP in Herford. After three weeks I was posted back to Gloucester and I didn't hear from the CTP until I needed my resettlement course authorised.
I didn't attend any CTP workshops and I managed to get a job through the old boys network and started work 3 days after my last day in uniform.
I am still working for the same company 6 years later.
Not attending any CTP workshops didn't really affect me in any way.
I concur with Poacher that the RightJob facility is about as much use as a chocolate fire guard. The CTW was of use (primarily for gathering your thoughts and preparing a bare bones CV), but as I had a firm job offer prior to leaving the Service, didn't pay that much attention to it. By all accounts the CTW has improved markedly in the last year and been revamped (better quality independent advisors etc). The Housing and Finance briefs were the biggest waste of time IMHO. I have since applied for and secured a better paying job, not with the help of CTP or any of the others such as RFEA and OA etc

My one piece of advice would be - Beware of auto sifting software for large company recruitment. Match your skills and experience precisely to the words that they provide in the job desciptions, otherwise you won't stand a chance of being offered an interview.....
Completed CTP workshop in 2010. Didn't think much of it. As we were SNCO we were informed that we MUST look for senior managers jobs. Anything less would be a waste. No asking us what we wanted to do when we left.
The CV was crap. I completed mine, it was assessed and signed off as fit for purpose. Sent it out in various forms for loads of jobs. Nothing. No nibbles. So sent it to a mate who is in HR. He rewrote it completely and the difference was light and day. Had several interviews almost immediately. But changed tack and blagged a contract in the Defence community that lasted 3 years.
I never had the issue of them chasing me for updates. In fact I had an issue to talk to them. Whilst I was struggling to get interviews, I emailed them to ask for advice, nothing, tried calling, managed to get the answephone but no return calls. In the end when I had a feedback online survey to complete, I gave a very non flattering review. And I had a call, but it was from the initial advisor in Tidworth who had helped with the first CV. Very concerned that she had failed me. I explained it was the regional centre who deserved the slating.
She offered me a load of help and advice but I was already in a contract so took the advice and filed it away for another day.
Just to add clarity to my comment about the RigthJob website, like Poacher, it matched me to jobs that were either paying less than my specified minimum (and I mean much less), matched me to jobs that were completely outside my knowledge and expertise or completely unsuitable, bore no relation to my location preferences etc etc

Complete waste of time and effort.

Oh, and also getting hounded by CTP to either complete surveys and or feedback....
It's good to know that I'm not the only person who feels that CTP didn't assist them properly in their transition to civvy street.

I left in March 2014 with hardly any career consultant advice (consisted of 2 emails), so they closed my file (after I asked to be removed from their books) in Herford and sent it to REFA in Birmingham. But REFA were just as shoddy as Herford with no communication and bone responses to my concerns, so now I'm totally free from CTP and REFA and will not be contacted or supported ever again. I did respond to an email from the German woman at CTP Herford who wanted to know how things could have been done different, I told her to get consultants who actually engage with their clients instead of chinning them off and recommended that CTP should change from Career Transition Partnership to Cannot Trust People. I was then asked how effective was the CTP experience, I told her that sticking hot pokers in your eyeballs would have achieved a lot more than what CTP Herford did.
I completed the mandatory CTW 3-day course (at Herford), which I though was OK...nothing more than that.

I then spoke to a woman in Bulford (posted back to UK for my last 7 months) who wasn't great; she seemed more interested in my travel plans than trying to advise on what industries might be appropriate/what courses I might be interested in doing to support my transition.

I ended up ignoring them, and got my CV to the bank I work in through personal recommendations.

As mentioned by some posters above, they seem very focussed on £20-30k per year jobs; without sounding arrogant, there's no way I'd get out of bed for that. There doesn't appear much in the way of medium-high starting salary jobs there (£45k+).

Edit: @Themanwho - any particular reason for the 'old'?
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In my experience, CTP were well meaning but badly informed.

Flavour of the month as I was discharging was project management and nobody seemed to know anything about anything else. I didn't want to go into project management so I sorted myself out.

Also a victim of repeated requests for this survey and that.
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