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Having attended all these training fairs so far this year, I have noticed that the numbers of Service Leavers attending these events is not very high. Strange, given the fact we have a large number of Service Leavers being discharged on redundancy, in addition to the natural wasteage. I approached one of those attending and enquired how he knew about the Fair, he stated that he only got the information from the CTP website. Now given that the CTP are contracted by the MoD to provide career transition to Service Leavers, you would have thought they would have advertised these events in a more positive way. Have any of you seen advertisements for these training fairs, other than the CTP website. There are 3 more to go this year, Scotland, SW and SE. Will be interesting to see if the numbers increase.
I attended one of these events in a Northern Garrison town.

The sole reason I attended was to get an insight into the offshore wind farm employment sector. The company hosting this particular profession was Siemens.

Their useful output was to hand glossy brochures to the audience.

Endex - that was it!

Bunch of cnuts.
I must admit, a lot of the providers fail to provide the necessary SMEs for their chosen provision. Makes me laugh, when looking at the CP providers , they have 40-50 year old women dressed up for a night out thinking that will attract the punters. So in some aspects you are right, bunch of cnuts.
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