CTP Job Fair - Harrogate


I attended one (not this one) in Guz as I was leaving (2005) and it was fairly shyte to be honest.

It was specifically for Private Security jobs and careers (if you can call PSD work a career!) and there was no recruitment types there, which disappointed me and a lot of the lads who attended. The CTP bods were very helpful, but it was either Ronin and Phoenix or the Police wantonly touting for business.

I think if the lads and lasses leaving want another career they need to do the legwork themselves, get their CVs out and start pestering recruiters - I know I appreciate when someone has the neck and initiative to badger me about a job!

Having said all that it looks a bit like the gold-rush to quadruple your salary in the sandpit has started to dry up, so this might have been a rewarding job fair.

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