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I wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to sort out a career query for one of my merry band and need a steer. I need to track down the source document or reference for Common Terms of Service for Tri-Service Nurses. These came into force on 1st April (chortle) 2005 according to references I have come across in other places. The usual agencies for answering queries like this have been pretty useless (or possibly obstructive) and thus I turn to your learned selves.

I am currently serving 'elsewhere' but have reasonable access to the intranet and internet.

Thanks in anticipation.
Next time I get caught subverting the chain of command, can I tell them you told me it was ok?

Very many thanks for the prompt reply.


Karabiner said:
Sure, blame me, I'm very big and very ugly so no probs there. Perhaps someone will try to spank me.
Your PERSEC really is quite shite!
Back again. The JSP was quite useful but didn't entirely clear up my queries. Specifically, I need to view guidance on the introduction of CTOS and how this was implemented with regards to previous single service TOS (specifically army). Were all nurses simply transferred across on 1st April 2005 irrespective of previous TOS, time served, etc? Any further advice would be appreciated.
Without being too specific, I am trying to advise a volunteer reservist PQO who is coming up on 55. They have been told that they can't extend (even though they are currently mobilised) and must leave as they are on CTOS. The JSP does indeed say that 55 is the NRA. They however state that they were on a TA engagment (Type A? May be wrong) that allowed service until age 60. They have no memory, other than seeing a leaflet issued by (?) DMSD, of being asked about/informed of a change of conditions, let alone signing anything. I seem to remember reading something about MOs and Dentists being given the option on CTOS, but can't remember anything for nurses. Specific information about the process of transfer to CTOS, particularly for reservists, would be appreciated.
Neuroleptic said:
They have no memory
It could possibly be time to leave then, i'm not sure however if i still want to be serving beyond the age of 55.
So no one knows this then? Or is it a sinister conspiracy of silence? Am I going to be "disappeared" as I've got too close to the truth?

Seriously, I am still trying to get an answer on this one and no one seems to know. Surely the Hidden Ascended Masters of ARRSE must be able to help?
Karabiner said:
are you at 203 by any chance?
No, although I am aware of the situation there. I suspect that it is going to become more widespread in the TA as people become aware of the implications of CTOS.
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