CTCRM Lympstone courses?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by MrScruff, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. Anyone done a course at CTCRM before? I'm signed up to an adventure training course for potential marines but am from CCF Army so don't have a clue about Navy related matters, any insight would be appreciated :)
  2. Helpful mongoose!
    I Dont think RMM jokes work on this forum, especially not when its a valid question.

    Scruff: You might want to find threads on "green student" or ask the same questions over at RUMration - our sister site!

    This being the Army rumour service,
    and them being the naval rumour service.
    I should imagine you will get cold and wet and discover the joys of chafage whilst they show you lots of shiny kit and promise you women and debauchery if you join up. Best of luck, if all else fails speak to some of the more senior cadets in your contingent that may have been on it before.
  3. scruff, mind if i ask wherebouts in UK are you? ( wouldnt be North West would it?) im signing up too hopefully for the October course. www
  4. north west mate, what contingent you from? gimme a pm if you get on the oct course (22nd i think), i just realised where lympstone is :)cry:) and it's going to be a absolute tit getting the train there
  5. im in the wirral, you? lympstone aint that bad. just get a rail warrant from your officers then take a train from lime street. www
  6. wirral? you birkenhead ccf then?
  7. no mate, im on the otherside of the peninsula. could see you on the train down to Lympstone though!! www
  8. calday? running out of ideas here :?

  9. :p