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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by chemystery, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Any idea how long it takes to come back?

    I had one done when I joined the regs 10yrs ago, now I'm joing a local TA unit and I need to have another one done.
    I'm confident it will come back clear as the first one did but I've got an additional wait now....

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  2. Standard Vetting Agency turnaround is in the region of 2 months currently, though it could be considerably shorter if they can locate your old P File without a hitch. Provided you have no 'interesting connections' it may well be a lot less. Stay patient!
  3. With previous service it should come back pretty well straight away. Chase them up if it does not. I was told whne commissioning that it could take 6 months, so waited ages, kept getting fobbed off by OTC RAO office. In fact it had been turned round in a week and was neatly filed away. Lost 9 months.........
  4. Cheers for the responses guys.....

    I'll give them two weeks before I start chasing them. Staying patient isn't really a problem, gives me a couple more weeks to put in the gym. I know it's a means to an end and recall many times when staying patient was a matter of course. :D

    Ah....the good old days!
  5. Nearly into the New Year and I'm still waiting.......
  6. definitely time to chase them up then!
  7. I think I'll probably have to wait until after the new year, can't see them doing much over Christmas....
  8. Apparently ex-squaddies vetting can take longer than most / is more difficult to get because you (we) move about a lot when in the forces, and we spend time in dodgy locations / are more likely to therefore associate with dodgy individuals!
  9. I'm having similar issues with a CTC check at the mo'. Now into my second month of despair.
  10. Still waiting.....

    I have contacted TAC for update who it turn contacted Glasgow who have stated that they are waiting for a reply.

    Without giving to much away can anyone enlighten me on the process, just so that I can save my sanity. Not sure that this may be possible due to security etc. but someone may be better informed than I.

  11. CTC checks are a nause believe me ! I have had people wait over 6 months for clearance the problem is not the DVA they pass it on to their counterpart in EIRE who run the backround traces etc and bear in mind that every person who joins the Forces, Police etc with family from either North or South has to get clearance so you can imagine the pile in the in tray !