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Morning medics and clever types, never havign had a blobbly nob I rarely frequented your establishments while serving. So I am a bit of a virgin when it comes to reporting sick.

My old man slipped a couple of weeks ago didn't fall over, just jarred himself, since then has been laying in bed unable to move. The doctor is an Ex Fleet Air Arm head the ball who still issues tubi grip and Brufen for an amputed arm. He told him to stay put, gave him mild painkillers and prescribed a hot water bottle.

A week went by and last time I went to see him I was gobsmacked at how much pain the fella was actually in. My dad is a tough fella with a very very high pain threshold, and to see him writhing in agony, tears in his eyes, begging me to take the pain away reduced me to a bit of a mess.

I called the GP and said that if he couldn't get here now I was calling an ambulance.

The paramedics arrived in three minutes, excellent! they gave him entinox, but the pain remained, getting worse as he moved. They called for back up and before you know it, five of us (four ex squaddies) were lifting the grumpy old cnut, crying like he'd been bitten by a lion into the back of an Ambulance.

On arrival at Hospital he was given Liquid morphine and Diazepam, this barely reduced the pain, but got him confessing to allsorts, and asking an otheopedic nurse to rub her tits down his back.

The Pain is in the lower left side of his back and shooting down to his knee cap via the front of his thigh.

The X-ray revealed fcuk all and is there for having a CT scan this morning, as soon as this was mentioned I crapped my pants and immediatley thought cancer.

Can any of you medic types or those with a greater understanding, experience shed any light on this for me....

(To the five differnet Squadron Sgt Majors I served under: My father isn't dead, I just told you he was so you would send me on leave :D :D :D
I'm no medic but it sounds like the nerve has been trapped in the spine - in any case it needs careful diagnosis. A CT scan is an ultrasound that can show up stuff that an XRay won't. There are also other types of scan that are used when xrays and CT's don't show much.

Good Luck.
Good luck MDN...

Having had the joy of being treated by the RN medical branch, I know how dire they can be. And that does include some of the doctors...

Memo to a doc at a certain Naval Air Station-I did not have cancer you cnut, you suggest that I do have cancer before testing for it again and I will pull your spleen out through your fcuking eyeballs and see how you like it.....
It's like lots of x-rays & can build up 3d image of bits & bobs. Useful for looking at small bones & also soft tissues like muscles etc. V good bit of kit, don't worry about cancer, he's done well to get in without having to be cryogenically preserved until the fat radiographer can put her christmas cake down.
Sounds like either a trapped nerve or slipped disk, but not being a medic type I wouldnt put money on it!!!

Anyway mate, best of luck to you and your dad, I hope all is well...
Severe pain down the leg = disc. How do I know? Personal experience. The pain is excruciating. And it was only the third doctor I saw who was capable of diagnosing it.

Mine was a prolapsed disc, which basically means it had burst and the jelly inside was squashing the sciatic nerve. The scan showed not only that but also that the whole of my lumbar spine had been telescoped up. The consultant's first comment was that I should apply for a 'war' pension. I got a lump sum in the end, but only after having been admitted to Wroughton writhing in agony.

So the scan is likely to reveal all and they can probably fix it.
MDN, Low Back Pain is a bitch to diagnose, He has either slipped a disc or trapped a nerve, the Brufen in the beginning hardly ever works immediately, and I normally' Hit it hard' with a stong pain reliever and a muscle relaxant. It will subside, How Long?, depends on the Patients age, weight, ect ect.
Dont be worried about the CT scan, as they are not looking for the big C, but are looking at the Spine, muscles, ect around the affected area.

He's in the best place and I'm sure he will be over this soon. IMHO.

As stated before MDN, this is going to take some time to get better. It's really important that your old man screws the nut for himself and not try to get too active too soon. Having dealt loads with of this type of injury, I can't stress enough the value of having a good physio to get you back on the road in good order, but only when he's ready for it. Hope he gets better soon and feel free to pm me if you have any more questions. :D
I got back from the hospital not long ago, the pain relief team had only just got to him.

He's a tough old cnut but to see him in tears of pain and screaming in agony just made me want to beat up nurses.

Finally they have upped his morphine and knocked him out.

Leaving me free to sleep with my mum


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WTF are you all saying good luck to MDN for - he is just ending his father's hoarded supplies of good liquor while the poor old (and he must be fecking old) guy is lying in pain in horspital.

It should be good luck to MDN senior and twos up on the tit w@nk from the night shift nursey.
B_G_L said:
I'm no medic but it sounds like the nerve has been trapped in the spine - in any case it needs careful diagnosis. A CT scan is an ultrasound that can show up stuff that an XRay won't. There are also other types of scan that are used when xrays and CT's don't show much.

Good Luck.
What a load of shit - try knowing something about a subject before giving advice on it you twat!!

CT = Computed Tomography = x-rays that are taken in a spiral formation around the body that can be reconstructed digitally into slices (tomograms) or as 3D images

Ultrasound = soundwaves = absolutely fucking useless when looking at backs but good at looking at unborn babies!!

Anyway, rant over.

MDN - they're probably looking to see if your dad has any slipped discs that are protruding into the spinal canal and pressing against the spinal cord. Pain to the legs from a back problem is typical for a slipped disc.
If they can't get enough information from the CT scan they may go on to do an MRI which uses magnetic fields and radiowaves to create images along all axis' of the body and is the "gold standard" examination for back problems!!
Hope he feels better soon - if you need any more info on the subject just PM me - I'm a radiographer so I do these types of scans on people all the time!!
Mighty_doh_nut said:
Ok Ok Ok the Pms can stop now, I meant checked out of the hospital not joined the choir invisuble :D :D :D
Well with all the sad faces following the last post it was difficult to tell!!

Glad its not THAT bad then!
Mighty_doh_nut said:
Too late, he checked out at 18:10 this evening :( :( :(
Cnut. I had a major message of sympathy all set to go until I checked your latest post...

Advice: Aspirin. Works wonders, especially in cases of broken bones, deep burns and appalling agony. That's what the sadistical bastrds told me, anyway.

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