CSS OMLT Afghanistan

Could anyone please provide any info on the B vehicles the Afghans use. Makes, models, common faults etc etc. Any other info on the ups, downs and gripes from any previous CSS OMLT will be of much use.
The truck are automatic so are next to shite in the dust/sand off the beaten track, you will have to recover then with you wrecker when out the wire, or get in the cab yourself and drive it out. Don't forget, they never learnt to drive until we got there.

These ones are manual blobmeister.

Common faults I found were the quick release air coupling elbow going into the tank on r/h/s is cheap and nasty, often cracks and leads to lack of air pressure. It is possible to remove the elbow cut off all the cable ties securing the airlines and insert the airline straight into the tank.

Those gay little A frames are a bitch to line up in the desert if the rear vehicle cant move at all.

Oh and the driver being asleep/stoned within seconds should the vehicle in front stop for any reason.

Undercrackers keep a fecking close eye on them if I were you, they will try and piss you about. They had a couple of wagons breakdown so we called up their recovery vehicle and told them to crack on, the ANA bod started trying to blag us that it didn't work because he couldn't be arsed hitching it up. Also if one of them see's his mate getting bogged in this wont deter chummy behind in the slightest, he will simply drive around the other vehicle and bog himself in.

Another thing watch where you step they are dirty bastards and will shit everywhere.

Good luck.
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