Discussion in 'REME' started by bipolar, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. Can someone tell me the point of a CSS Bn whilst not on Ops. Don't get me wrong, they appear to have their fair share of top notch boys and girls in the ranks and as usual perform superbly on Ops. But in peacetime, appear let down by the classic lions led by donkeys sydrome. Mixing REME & Loggies is like mixing Oil & water, it just doesn't!!
  2. Just a 'leaned' version of the argument, what's the point of a REME Bn and a Log Sp Regt not on ops, or for that matter, any unit not on ops.

    I presume that you assume that we could scrape together a CSS Bn the day before it went on ops and expect it to perform perfectly without any training. Then there's the added support to training for other units deploying on ops and a whole load of other things that add value to the military and civil community. Bit of a no-brainer really eh!

    Oh and loggies provide both oil and water, so I assume that you should be trying to come up with an analogy that combines spanners/hammers/widgits with some generic loggie commodity and stating that they don't mix.

    Are you 1st Line per chance?
  3. Oil dirty hands and egg banjos?
  4. In a recent survey 9 out of 10 VM's who were not swotty bumlicks said "I want to be in a first line unit"
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  5. Spent less than 10% of a long career at 2nd Line, but I'm not blinkered enough to just poke at 2nd Line without substance to my argument.
  6. Yep, but does 7 Bn really count?? - it was not even Air Asslt back then :D
  7. Even though I believe it counts as a Bn, I've never served with them.
  8. I was fishing because I kinda thought I knew who you were.

    Obviously wrong..........or am I :?:
  9. Bad fishing.

    Not a spanker!
  10. CSS Bns are not a bad idea, as in theory if you live together, work together then you will fight together a bit better. Also means that you don't have to cobble things together at the last moment - like we do usually. Some loggies pretty good, but they just need educating. Also, great thing about working with them is that you don't have to try too hard to look good!
  11. It would sadly appear that it has all come crashing down at our illustrious 19 CSS Bn. Following on from a shocking catalogue of performances and ineptitude culminating in a serious security breach, the CO amongst others has bit the dust.
    Hate to say I told you so, but it appears to never have jelled. Heard that the Loggies and REME are not on speaking terms for goodness sake.
    I sympathise with the quality people caught up in this ongoing cluster of biblical proportions.
  12. My bold. Theory is all well and good. Put it into practise first before changing all the Bns though!
  13. The same statistic can also be applied to the number of people that actually enjoy gang rapes!

    What was that about lies, damn lies and statistics?!!
  14. Sparky8, if you asked a group of VMs who had been posted to 1st line AND a REME Bn you may find that 9 out of 10 is probably near to the point.

    I am not lying!!

    I know Sparky that you have not served in a REME Bn (we have done the same jobs in at least 2 units), however I can attempt to describe your role in a REME Bn as a technician (regardless of rank).

    It is like being at SEAE or SEME but gaining no knowledge whatsoever. Imagine being in such a unit for the sole purpose of guarding it, cleaning it and sewing together it's cam nets. Oh nearly forgot, loads of training for war as well. Can someone who is currently serving in a REME Bn please clarify 'training for war'.

    It would be amusing to see you in a Bn Sparky - Yes it really would!!!!

  15. I wasn't knocking it (Spaz's comment), I was mearly trying to squeeze in my favourite statistic!!!