CSOp to EW Sys Op

It is possible to re-trade so to speak.

When you get to Blandford you have already been assigned a Trade allocated position and you have filled a position that the recruiting office are required to fill, this is where the problem lies.

There is a WO2 in Blandford who has a direct impact on the number in trade coming through and if there are places as an EWOP available it may be possible to transfer.

If like the CS Eng trade, EWOP becomes saturated then there will be no room to transfer trade group or re-trade however you look at it.

An example of this is a very bright common wealth soldier being told he could re trade to CS Eng on arrival to Blandford only to find he has filled a "Trade allocated position" and the CS Eng trade group is full to the brim.

What i have been told to tell my Ph2 soldiers is that 'At this stage of your career there is no room to re-trade, however at the rank of Cpl or Sgt the view is very different as it is a relatively new trade. To that end learn your trade as a CS Op, get promoted and the hopefully the path might become available'.

Hope this helps!
You can move between Regts but your job would revolve mostly around your trade. EWOPs do EW CS Ops do the regular Operating. If you went to 14 Sigs they have a wide angle on the whole EW side of things as do EOD Regts. The rest of the Sigs units pretty much do the Operating!
i asked my recuiter the same thing,
he told me to go in as a CSOp then during phase 2
recuits who went in as EWSOp has to do a 5 week filter course
all you have to do is ask to do that filter course.
EWSOp recuits who failed the course will be retrained to CSOp
The problem with that is that you take one of the CS Operator numbers from the recruiting centre so when you get to Blandford the first hurdle is to get WO2 ******** on board with your intensions. If 'she' is not able to get you crossed over it would more than likely be because the recruiting offices have filled all the EW Op numbers leaving no room for changes.
EW Sys Op is now classed as a "pinch" trade, which means there is a shortage. CSOp isn't so there may be a chance. However, as already said, intakes will have had numbers allocated but this may not be set in stone. I believe you can take an "aptitude" test (probably not the right word but it will suffice) to see if you have what it takes to transfer over. No harm in asking and both trades do the same initial training anyway. You may find some of those pencilled in for EW Sys Op may have to remain in the CSOp stream thus freeing up the odd spot for the other way round.
i asked my recuiter many times, whos royal sig
during phase 2 both recuits who are training for EW will have to do the
5 week aplitude test, if they and other recuits who fail that test. why be futher trained to became CSOps

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