CSOP crossed flags.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_lazy_H, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. ok why dont CSOPs have the crossed flags that other units have for thier vocational signallers?

    surely now the corps is working in the wider army it would be handy to know if the guy you are talking to is actually trained on radios and not a storeman. althought the grazed knuckles are usually a good sign of a storeman :D

  2. At a guess it's because the wider Army just expect Royal Signals soldiers to be competent communicators or competent communications supporters.

    An inf Bn can make no such assumption so their soldiers are 'badged' having completed the appropriate cse. Its also a bit of a 'Billy Bonus' as signalling' is not what they joined to do.

    Its slightly more than vocational signals they have to master too. In my day it was completion of the following courses:

    BRU - Basic Radio User - 2 weeks
    RRU - Regular Radio User - 4 weeks (Usually moved into the Regtl Signal Pl)
    RS - Regimental Signaller - 6 weeks
    RSJ - Regimental Signaller - 8 weeks (JNCO Cse) - *Awarded crossed flags*
    RSS - Regimental Signaller (SNCO Cse)
    RSO - Regimental Signals Officer

    Battlegroup Comms are not as easy or straight forwards as most Corps people imagine and as you can see from my (approx) cse lengths above, it takes a fair bit of effort to get those crossed flags.
  3. but surely with 6 months at the factory and a load of top up courses (satcom, jocs, 506, etc etc) the CSOP trade are competant signallers.

    the majority of our lineys openly admit they dont know comms at all, and why should they. its not thier job.
  4. Maybe so, but 6 months at the factory + as many applique/niche courses as you like is not the same as being an Inf Bn signaller.

    Possibly badging R Sigs personnel so that their trade is visible at a glance isn't necessarily a bad idea. Not that badge though.

    The thing is, in this job you risk opening a big can of worms with badges for quals. I hate badges so much it hurts and most people I know are the same. Where do you stop awarding them? Comms, Satcom, JOCs etc etc
  5. i just thought this one was apt, as its army wide, everyone knows what it means and its already in circulation.

    maybe on receipt of class one? by that point most radops are skillful in the way of the force.
  6. seeing as you put it that way

  7. Hahahaha, kind of stepped all over my well thought out (albeit apparently unnecessary) posts there Roadster ;)
  8. Crossed swords ARE worn by the APTC. Although admittedly SASC and RAMC don't wear their equivalants.

    Why would RSignals bods need their flags though? We are a completely different trade, and thus we do our own thing. Admittedly any Royal Corps' bods attached to the Inf or similar could be awarded flags for attaining the relevant courses/compentencies.
  9. You show me one Class 1 thats all over long range HF comms and i'll give you the skin of my arrse cheeks to knit into crossed flags!!
  10. I was a det commander on a 322 det for two years and then moved on to 522. All the 5s :D

    de CF

    ZBN 2

    g k

  11. About 20 years ago the 2* who was head of RSigs in Germany (I remember his name but not his job title) suggested that YofS and FofS should wear these on the upper arm. Red for YofS, blue for FofS. He asked me my opinion when he was visiting our det, and not knowing it was his idea, I told him how pointless I thought it was.

    Anybody who needed to know I was a FofS already knew, while anybody who didn't probably didn't have a scoobie what a FofS was anyway. Anyway having done the rounds of R to I courses etc, I knew that a badge identifying you as a comms pro wasn't the best thing to have on your arm if captured. (Grey man and all that). He honestly answered that you would only wear the badge in barracks and not on your combats or on operations. He hopefully mulled over my comments because strangely I never heard any more about that idea.

    On the other hand he had the hottest WRAC I had ever seen as his staff driver. Absolutely stunning!


  12. Wouldn't the 6 inch Jimmy tattoo on the upper right arm give away your identity to your captors? :D
    blx qto
  13. Surely the TRF shows you to be a member of the Royal Corps.

    The badge of qualification (jimmy above rank) is worn by Sgts and SSgts in 2s and Mess Dress (and other more formal forms of dress). Maybe a crossed flags badge to be worn on formal states of dress only might be an idea.

    PG, why did you want a 320 manual? My wristwatch has more buttons and dials on it.
  15. Things may have changed since my time, but I got my crossed flags at the equivalent of Regimental Signaller - they went on the bottom left sleeve, doing the JNCO course (then class 1) they moved over to the right sleeve and finally when you did the RSI (current SNCO course) they went above chevrons. The crossed flags are not meant to be worn in the field.

    I've seen RSigs wearing specialist qualification badges on mess dress. Crossed flags indicates a specialist qualification, as does my 'M' mortar badge. Should these be on mine???? Obviously it would be crossed flags as it's closer to my role (i.e. in Sigs Pln I'd wear crossed flags and in Mortar Pln I'd wear the 'M')