Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Broker, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys, i am going for my selection (ADSC) soon, but id like a bit of advice on the jobs, i am currently going for the communcation system operator as my first choice, and electrican as second choice, However i want a trade to do with power (electrics - pcs that sort of thing) and the cso looked the most apealing to me, However i have just a few questions, What is the job achually like? Is there lots of field activities (so to speak) how often can we be attached or deployed to other countries and can we go on the front line (near infantry troops)?

    I hope you can answer these questions as id like to hear it from people who have achually been there.

    Thanks very much
  2. check out the communication systems engineer thread, will be plenty of answers in there. However i am a comms sys op, and the job is one of the better trades in the signals (im biased obviously) in my time i have worked with countless nationalities on various operations, more recently i have just returned from telic, where i was attached to an infantry platoon on the ground for most of the tour, this will be happening more throughout the signals. However if its pc's and computers you want to work with, you should look at IS engineer, its a very computer based trade, but with less chance of "getting out and about".
  3. Firstly, IS Engr is no longer being recruited. The trade has amalgamated with the Systems Engineer Technician to form the CS Engr trade.

    Secondly, not sure what you meen cheeky about "less chance of getting out and about". IS Engr has been (possibly with the exception of the Installation Technician) the most Operationally demanded trade group. I think the new CS Engr trade will give you all the out and about you could possibly want!
  4. What Boney Said
  5. what the lad was saying though was out and about with the combat arms, if that is what is wanted, i'd suggest joining the engineers or joining an infantry regiment, can't get more being with the infantry than that. however cs ops are increasingly out with infantry battle groups, doing combat net radio as a fill in so infantry trained soldiers, which are in demand, can return to rifle companies. indeed the techs and IS types will go away alot, and get the opportunity to go out and about, however the CS ops will actually get embedded into a battle group rather than in a higher formation headquarters. so Operator all the way, without us there is no corps! (ha ha ha)
  6. boney you may get on a lot of ops but i think hes on about out and about field stuff, like being with the infantry companys and the likes. you cant really carry a laptop into battle can you, lol
  7. An awful lot of people think that the CS Op just operates radio systems. Times have changed, boy and girls, we operate all types of CIS equipment in the field now. That might be HF comms but it could also easily be a laptop and satellite phone.

    CS Op is the Corps' biggest tradegroup but how many people do you seriously think are going to be working in direct CIS Close Support to the Infantry? A few dozen blokes from a cast of thousands, mostly operators but also at least one engr in each Battalion. Everyone else from the operator trade will be deploying to support increasingly technical kit, not running about like Andy McNab with a radio.

  8. You would be surprised!

    I think its important for anyone considering one of our trades to have the whole truth. If someone is leaning towards a future as an infantry soldier, but also has had an interest sparked in battlefield comms/Bowman etc, they maybe should consider the infantry first and look at joining the Sigs Plt once they are there. Joining the Corps as a CS Op and hoping that you get a good tour out on the ground to quench your thirst for front line action may not be the best career move. You may well spend 3 tours manning the nets in a Bde/Div HQ and not see the outside of the COB.

    The Corps is, however, currently trialling Signals soldiers within Inf Sigs Plt's. This is going to add another dynamic to the possibilities of a Sigs career however your not going to do it for your entire career. Food for thought for anyone who is torn between us and the Inf.
  9. MILITARY ENGINEER COMMUNICATIONS -Responsible for the setting up, operation and maintenance of both voice and data field communications systems.

    im thinking of going for this trade but will i be as you said "You may well spend 3 tours manning the nets in a Bde/Div HQ and not see the outside of the CO"

    im a girl so i cant go infantry its either this trade or engineer driver. i definately dont want to be stuck inside all the time.
  10. highjacker ^ :) ..p.s. going for my ADSC on the 5th feburary at pirtbright for CSO ;)
  11. As much as it pains me to say it mate, DO NOT go R Sigs Elec.

    The trade is as good as dead, and if you dont push to get civvy quals on your own, you may as well be pissing in the wind :x
  12. Although the Royal Engineers are a top bunch of boys and girls, their communications trade is basically like a much smaller version of our CS Op. The Royal Signals CS Op is a mainstream trade with loads of diverse opportunities to serve virtually anywhere. In the RE, they're a small non-mainstream trade - basically it's a far smaller pool in which you need to compete for promotion etc and it certainly limits your employment far more than in the Royal Signals.

    Have a look at http://www2.army.mod.uk/royalengineers/org/cisw/index.htm which has more info about the RE communications trade.

    Good luck.