Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Shak, Feb 17, 2011.

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  1. Hello there chaps and chapettes, I'm currently in the process of applying for the role of CSO due to my grades not being quite up to scratch (typical under achiever whilst in education and all that jazz) I was told that its possible for me to re-train as EWSYSOP once I have said qualifications under my belt and due to CSO and EWSYSOP being within the same branch it shouldn't be a major issue, is this true or was I just being buttered up ha?

    How long should I take after completing my phase2 training for it to be acceptable to put in for a transfer for EWSYSOP? My own personal goal is to get into the Int corps after a few years and for me it seems like the natural progression of someones career who is in EWSYSOP (Pardon my ignorance if I ruffle any ones feathers)

    Would it be frowned upon if after re-training for EWSYSOP that I put in for Int Corps or should I just hold out on the first transfer, get a promotion or 2 under my belt along with as many courses as my brain can manage then put in for Int Corps?

    Thanks in advance.


    Just had a re-read and due to a major lack of sleep I've missed some whole words out of sentences which I have put in..:crash:
  2. You may find a lack of enthusiasm among your chain of command for helping your career along if you make it too obvious that you see the Royal Corps of Signals as a covert route into the Intelligence Corps. There will probably be some discussions to be had about your level of commitment, for example.

    If your grades didn't get you direct entry as an EW Sys Op, I'd submit that you'd probably find making yourself attractive to the Int Corps quite problematic. Get your feet under the table, do the best job you can in your chosen line of work and take it a day at a time. Remember, always, that what the Army wants you to do is a damn sight more important than what you want you to do.
  3. Very wise words that hit home, I'm currently only missing the science/tech based subject qualification which I was told by my CA that even if I get the ECDL course done it still wont be 100% if I'm allowed on the EWSYSOP. I have my BARB next week which I hope if I score highly, they will let me wriggle through.
  4. Mate, if ECDL is the height of your academic ambition then you might be looking down the wrong road.

    As to your possible double-move, ending up in the Int Corps, good luck, but I think you'll find our patience won't extend beyond the first change. My advice is to decide what you want to do, then make sure you get the qualifications to achieve it. We're really not in the business of spending a fortune to train someone to do three jobs at the moment: we're far more likely to take 3 people who are qualified and committed, and run with them.

  5. The ECDL is so I've been told the equivalent of GCSE IT which is all I need to get into the EW Sys Op, not the height of my academic ambitions. As I said I'll be taking as many courses as I'm allowed to once my foots in the door.

    Cheers for the straight up answers by the way, puts a lot of things in perspective.
  6. Expect several questions when you attempt to join the Int Corps. Mainly, why didn't you join as an OPMI to start with and if you have shown no commitment to the Sigs how can we be sure that you won't just dip your toes in the water and move on again. Just my opinion. Good luck whatever you do fella.
  7. To be honest I wouldn't hold out a great deal of hope regarding any quick re-trades or transfers. Theres a a few CS Ops I know of who are going through the process , but they've all been in for a few years and proven they're worth so to speak. Chances are they are the kind of blokes who are going to get onto BCE courses at Chicksands, not guys straight out of training.

    If you are keen on EW and dont have the grades then as one of the previous posters said, you may need to look at it a fair bit later down the road.

    Good luck though