CSMR v Fd hospital

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by whitemouse75, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. As us nurses now know, our 2nd posting has to be a field unit. what are the pro's and cons between the different AMS field units? what do nurses actually do all day? i'm starting to think ahead for my PPP so all comments welcomed
  2. go for CSMR

    more fun and excitment than you can shake a very big sh1tty stick at!!!
  3. why do i get the feeling you're being economical with the truth!??
  4. do neither!!!!
  5. not an option apparently.
  6. I know all the fullscrew nurses at 34 used to lord it over the toms whilst counting tents (again) :frustrated: . Oh and guard commander (lots of) :shakefist:
  7. CSMR = out and about

    GSMR = never home

    Fd Hosp = stackin canvas
  8. Fd Hosp everytime.

    We are the canvas king's
  9. In the same boat , you just cannot put off the inevitable so I have Just put in my preference,

    As a CMT I avoided Field Hospitals, and I dont want to start now. Its got to be CSMR but I guess it depends where you want to be in the country (if that matters). As BP said CSMR out and about playing with tanks. Germany is good, extra money cheap beer and cheaper cost of living, 1CSMR I know a few people there. Although what you have to remember is we can fill out a preference but you we will go where we are told. It appears they are filling 16 cs with RN's at the moment. however 12 mech I believe are off to Afghan this year so you may find your on your way to 3CSMR. Find out who's going where and try and pre-empt them. There are loads of pros and cons, but I have never been there as an RN so am just as much in the dark as you.


    Wee man.
  10. They actually take RN's at GSMR's? Tried that on my last posting preference and got told they didn't have RN's at 4, via a letter from the paper shifters at manning. Normally people get to meet me before they reject me! (and swear there was the faint outline of spittle next to my name on the header!)
  11. The only way to avoid going green for your second posting is to get on an A&E or ITU course, then you dodge the bullet for a little while at least. I myself am about to take the leap from MDHU to CSMR, looking forward to it, but my unit is making me work right until the last minute though, (bugg3r!!).
  12. NEA will point you in that direction AFTER your field army posting.

    everyone has to jump through the same hoops, unless you are 'special'
  13. i'm a bit special,my mom tells me. I went to school on a coach and everything. does that mean good things await me?
  14. at least you wont get 16, it would be too hard to do any sort of roll when you landed:

  15. As far as I am aware there are only postings for JNCO RGNs at the Fd Hosps or 16 CS Med Regt. There are only NO posts at the GS Med Regts (although we have rank ranged Cpl - Capt LSNs on our Warfighting Establishment - as do most Inf Bn RAPs). I understand that the reason the GS Med Regts do not have JNCO RGNs is that there were concerns about guard duties and a general lack of work for them to do. I believe that this is a flawed idea AND that doing Gd Comds etc is good experience for JNCO RGNs (never did me any harm). I did 2 field unit tours as a JNCO - 33 Fd Hosp and 16 CS Med Regt. I enjoyed each for different reasons. At 33 I was a Pte (back when we had Pte RGNs). I worked 2 1/2 days a week on an orthopaedic ward at Haslar and 2 1/2 days in the unit. Checking tentage and painting boxes was a pain in the arrse, but I had time to study and do phys in work time - unlike working in the hospitals. 16 CS was great too, less kit to look after and more opportunity to conduct clinical training and more challenging PT. Like anything, you get out what you put in. Good luck in the field army, apply yourself to everything and give 100% - you will enjoy your time more, get the opportunity to do some mil courses and develop yourself and probably walk away with a promotion to Sgt in the bag - it worked for me!