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  1. Could someone give me a rough idea on the timescale from completing all the online test/ questionnaires to the CSM contacting you ?? Please.
  2. You get assigned a CSM after completing your BARB test. Then he/she will arrange your first formal interview for you.
    How long ago did you complete your BARB? If it was over 2wks ago, i would ring the recruitment response team and ask to be allocated your CSM and ask for his/her number to contact them.
  3. Did it on the 23rd of may.
  4. I'd give them until friday mate. If you've still not heard anything give them a buzz monday.
    Who are you wanting to join??
  5. Yeah that's I will do, a few days of waiting won't do any harm.

    Infantry mate, what about you ? What stage are you at ?
  6. Patience is a virtue with Capita mate ;) ha
    & Spot on mate, well I've got Infantry as my number one, RA special gunfire observer for number 2 & 3rd driver.
    & i only completed my medical last thursday fella.
    What reg/battalion you hoping to join?
  7. Yip!! Your no kidding there anyway! Lol waited about 6weeks before I got my medical.

    Wanting to join 2scots or 5scots, the royal regiment of Scotland.

    I take we are roughly at the same stage in the application process ?
  8. Ha i waited 8 1/2 weeks for ny medical mate.

    & fair enough bud, im looking at Rifles, there my most local recruiting infantry reg.
    But yes mate pretty much, your a bit ahead of me with the barb tho because i haven't done it yet. Waiting for that one to come through.
  9. Yeah I was torn between the rifles an scots but decided on the scots as that is my local regiment.

    Yeah you should get your barb test soon, was only a few days after my medical... Was totally surprised when I seem the email for it! Then you will get a job preference questionnaire. Now I am on the dreaded wait to be appointed to a CSM
  10. Fair enough mate, well best of luck.
    Whats your mile and half run time? Are you training much?

    & yeah fingers crossed, i just want to get it all done and get in!!
  11. Yeah you as well mate,

    My time is shit the now 11:30, want to get it down to 10:00
    My training is just running an interval training, an hitting the gym to get all round strength.... But I really need to improve on the run time though.
    What about you ?

    Yeah am the same totally can't wait!! Hopefully application goes smoothly without any problem an hit phase1 soon as!!
  12. Cheers fella.

    & dont worry about it mate, mine is around the same time at the moment, so your not on your own!
    Just takes a bit of hard work and dedocation and you'll have it down to 10mins in no time.
    Im working on a 5k training programme at the moment, its quite good.
    My strength is fine, i can do over the required press ups, sit ups etc..
    Just got to smash this run time.
  13. Yeah I know what you mean, I will hit that 10min mark!!

    I think in the adsc they don't do press up an sit ups as part of the test now. Just Jerry can walk, power bag lift