CSM Wristlet in Cadets?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by PM-88, May 30, 2007.

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  1. I am a humble CSM in my CCF detachment, and a regular RQMS gave me a CSM's wristlet/wristband...what are the rules of wearing these in the Cadets? Are they allowed? or is it just for the normal army (Reg. and TA)?

    Thank you,

  2. When I was a cadet I was,nt allowed to wear one. I Had to sew my crown on my Brazzard. Was,nt given a reason , just did what I was told.

  3. By humble I assume you are a cadet?
    If so I would think you wear your rank on your brassard?
  4. Wristlet... now there's a nice word... almost limp.
  5. Not for cadets, put it on your brassard, if you have No2' then its on your arm and if you see any adults wearing TRF's etc, tell them to get them off too...
  6. yeah, I am a cadet, haven't tried to wear yet (and yes I do where the crown on my brazard)...was just curious, so I thought I'd ask...and wristlet does sound limp!:p

  7. When I was a cadet (many moons ago) the CSM's were allowed to wear it, and i see no reason why not. They wear the same stripes as NCO's and they are not mistaken for "real" NCO's as they wear the brassard, thus ditto with the CSM's.

    Or is there an inferiority complex that I am not aware of.
  8. Actually..your wrong, CCF (Army section) and ACF dress regulations state that its worn on the brassard, and nothing to do with chevrons.
    In fact in the cadet manual, it does show what is worn and that includes what badges, not the 'boy scout' number of badges that cadets wear but only a few.
  9. When I was a cadet albeit 16 years ago
    The cadet csm/rsm was allowed to wear a leather wrist band as long as they wore acf titles on shoulder if in shirt sleeves and ditto sewn on in jumper order they just wore their quals badges on brassard.
    I am assuming this would only be in barrack dress anyway as most cadets just wear the slide with acf on it in CS95 .
    I would ask your oc for some guidance or adult SMI as each county contingent etc seems to hav etheir own dress policy
    It's not as if anyone is going to mix you up with an Adult/TA/ REG ARMY Warrant officer is it I know that snco's are getting younger but that may be pushing it a little
  10. That is certainly what the ACF manual says, albeit I have never seen (I don't say they don't exist mind you) ACF Dress Regulations...just the manual.

    Army Dress Regulations are pretty clear however.


    316. Badges of Rank – Cadet Warrant Officers and NCOs.

    a. A cadet sergeant major is to wear the large crown, as worn by a WO2 of the Regular Army, on the armlet brassard. These badges may be provided at public expense.

    b. Cadet NCOs are to wear khaki chevrons of reduced size on the brassard. Cadet NCOs of contingents affiliated to regiments or corps which do not wear khaki chevrons may wear the appropriate pattern as worn by the affiliated unit.

    That said I am aware of people within the ACF heirachy who support a change, allowing for example the wearing of exactly the same as the affiliated regiments. However, whilst I am not against it where would cadets put their nice badges with no brassard? I am also aware that at least one RHQ, The Rifles, who support it too as it came up in conversation with an officer there recently. But at present them is the rules and they are clear.
  11. This dress issue has been done to death, its clear, its big NO NO, its the brassard, not wrist..easy

    Just as I was browsing though

    305. Honorary Colonels ACF.
    Appointed officers are to wear the badges of rank of full colonel with the badges and insignia of their cadet unit. They are not to wear gorget patches or scarlet hat bands.





    That would be those that he cant wear then!!!

    Or maybe its in this rig he cant wear them
  12. Fig 1. — The Armlet/Brassard
    0110. Not more than four embroidered Proficiency/Skill at Arms badges may be sewn on to the brassard. The precedence will be from the top right, where the Proficiency star will be sewn, to top left to bottom right to bottom left.
  13. whats that nutty badge he's wearing on his right sleeve in barrack dress ?
    and that ribbon above his right pocket on his service dress????????????????
    I was at my first ACF mess dinner last summer and it was like a come as you are party,
    This year myself and my oppo have made the concieous decision to come dressed as american civil war officers as judging by standards of dress regs it will be perfectly acceptable.
    I also had the pleasure of seing a royal irish badged AI wearing a green lanyard on number 2 dress ??????????????my brother is ex R IRISH and he said that he had nevr seen anything like it.........
  15. The badge is a Hampshire and IOW ACF ermmm TRF thingy, as so many SI's etc were wearing Regimental TRF's (wrongly) the Comdt had this one made for all adults (and cadets to wear)

    The ribbon has been mentioned before on ARRSE, still no idea, I know this Comdt looks at this site, maybe he should tell us all