CSM wants a word "behind closed doors"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kingxex, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. What does this entail? I'm 90% sure it's a bollocking, but I am struggling to think of reasons I could be in trouble.
    I have been on the ward for the last couple of days, other than that there's nothing else I can think of.

    Does anyone else get more on edge 'not knowing' than actually knowing?
  2. You're fucked....hahahaha
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  3. Maybe he fancies you and just wants some quality time without being disturbed.
  4. Deny everything.
  5. Sounds like an interview coffee no bisquits... oh and trousers on back to front. If you have been knobbing his daughter, the CO's daughter, the OC's daughter etc. this might be seen as bad form especially if she is now expecting the patter of tiny feet from the fruit of your loins.
  6. hmmm, could you have done something good and he wants to give you the good news?

    though more chance he wants to read you some tea leaves about some transgression or other!
    Stay on the safe side and dont take brew kit in with you! :) (interview without coffee for those puzzled)
  7. I have been nobbing a girl in the company, but nobody significant. I believe you maybe right about my being screwed! I hate the suspense.
  8. This is where you find out that he's actually your father.

    Edit; 'nobody significant' you say? Clearly that's a matter of opinion.
  9. you havent broke the primary rule of military life have you? ...........DONT GET CAUGHT! :-D
  10. Or it's his daughter..........
  11. This is what bothers me, what have I been caught for?!

    It starts off with "I've done nothing wrong", which progresses to "have I?", which finishes at "I can't remember what I did."

    Suddenly I'm convincing myself I did do something but can't remember.
  12. Alternatively it is one of the following:

    1) Your selection for THEM has come through
    2) Well done you are going to be a civvy in about a year
    3) Promotion congratulations
    4) You have fucked up sooooo bad you are on your way to Civy street via colly.

    Hope this brightens your day
  13. ............. was alcomohol involved at any time???? hehe
  14. You are about to be violated violently, I suggest you start lubbing up now, it will be less painful in the long run.
  15. No selection, not illegible for redundancy, no chance of promotion so I'm fucked.