CSM Basil Plumley has died.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by _Chimurenga_, Oct 11, 2012.

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  2. "He was dad to me when I was growing up," said Kimble, Plumley's daughter" Quote of the year.
  3. Only 324 awards of the 3rd Award Combat Infantrymans Badge have been made. Plumley was one of these men. We used to call it the "Perfect Attendence" award for Infantry. Apparently though he only made 1 combat parachute jump in Korea, the other 4 mentioned in the movie being the writers. he was a Glider rider in WWII. At Sicily, Salerno, Normandy, Holland, fought at St. Vith in the Ardennes. In October 1950 jumped with the 187 RCT at Sukchon Sunchon.
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    But then she went on:
    'We are learning every day about him. He was an inspiration to so many. He was a great person, and will always be remembered.”

    How many children of serving soldiers didn't really know there father's until too late? I think you'll find in the forum, quite a few.
  6. Seriously. that's a valid point. I've got to chase my old man up to apply for his service gongs.
  7. Nails..... RiP old chap
  8. Christ. Dick Winters, John 'Mac' and now Plumley.

    If Tony Martin dies I'll be out of heroes......
  9. Not that I've ever Parachuted or landed in a Glider, but they are making a bit much of the fact he never did 4 junps in WW2, he did however do 4 glider landings, tbh sounds worse.
    Did soumd a decent bloke mind.