Csgt Hewitt RIP

I've just heard from a mate of mine that Csgt George Hewitt passed away last monday. George was an absolute legend and was defintely one of the best long serving characters of Athlone coy ULOTC. Those Ocdts amongst us will remember him as the grumpy PWRR colour man whom used to terrify us, but after awhile you learned he really had a heart of gold. You'll be missed.

Indeed, it's a sad time for everyone at the ULOTC. I still remember stepping off the bus at my selection weekend to be greeted by Colour...

His funeral is taking place 29th October. For any current or former OCdts who wish to attend please contact the RSM at rsm@ulotc.co.uk.
He was indeed a star. He was my CQMS when I was Coy Comd with LONDONS. Not many CQMSs could park their 4-tonner and have the No.5 cookset going in 3 minutes - he had the full works in the back of the truck and yes there really was a kitchen sink!

It was great to see an ordinary yet special bloke being presented to the Royals at the TA Garden Party this summer.

He will be missed by many, as someone in the battalion commented, 'we all liked Uncle George'

See you at the funeral, which I think will be well attended.
I trained George back in 1983, when he joined as a 33-year old recruit in a platoon of the usual 18-22 year olds. He quickly became a character in 'B' (Albuhera) Company, 6/7 QUEEN'S (V).

His 'sandwich bag' on a w/e was legendary - it could feed the whole platoon and when he went to camp his beloved late wife Ginny would stay in a B&B nearby. He later showed a hidden talent in mending ladies handbags - but that's another story.

On the surface gruff and grumpy - underneath a great bloke with a dry sense of humour he will be missed by all those who knew him.

God bless.
Just wanted to congratulate the ULOTC for their handling of the George's funeral yesterday at Golders Green Crematorium, in particular the bearer party, the piper and bugler, WO1 (RSM) M F RE for the reading of the eulogy and not forgetting the two coachloads of O/Cdts who also attended.

On behalf of all the members of the Queen's Regimental Association (PWRR) Middlesex Branch, I would like to express our gratitude and I know that your efforts were greatly appreciated by Belinda, the family and George's large circle of friends outside the military.

Thank you.

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