Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by matt2470, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. please could you tell me the following
    the pay progession of each over a 5 year period
    the promotion prospects of each over 5 year
    how much does CS op get involved in IT.
    What percentage of intaks over teh next year into the signals are likely to be of each
    many thanks
  2. Not sure what the fees position for CSE is..

    I think the comedian gets paid more than the dancers.

    No idea about the musicians.
  3. very helpful..lol
  4. i did here that they were looking to merge these roles... in ur average sig regt roughly how many would there be of each?
  5. There isn't any average regiments any more. How is this information going to help you decide which role? One factor to consider is that a CSE has a wider range of postings available to him or her. Bar the first promotion, I would say that a strong operator will advance more quickly than a CSE but its horses for courses.
  6. Depends a lot on which unit you get posted to. In mine the CS Op's have just as much chance to get amongst the IT as the techs/CS Eng's. Are you a secret IT ninja? in which case I would suggest going CS Eng and getting your first stripe stright out of school (provided your not a complete oxygen thief). If your a complete IT mong might I suggest Driver Lineman/Storeman/Binman or perhaps the RAF Regt.......
  7. Unit dependant but you also have the mcgyver side of cseng.
  8. TBH if you gave half of the CS Eng's we've got a swiss army knife, some duct tape "Macgyver Stylee" and 5 minutes unsupervised they'd end up bound and bleeding like a rape victim.
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  9. I think they just cut themselves.
  10. its for my son he`s passed selection for AFC Harrogate for CSE as first choice OP as second but only 10 spaces in March. None this Sept. He will get the required GCSE ( more than enough)
  11. Personally, I'd go CS Eng. Apart from being biased, the 'tech' trade has come through the dark years of being dumbed down to become Operator / Maintainer and moved on. I believe the CS Operator is now hitting that period.
  12. Well we couldn't stay on top for ever MB, gets boring after so long! Matt, if CSeng is your lads first choice then try your best to make sure he gets it, even if that involves waiting for another intake. IMHO MB is right in saying that CSeng has the most oppertunities out of the Signals trade groups, if your lad is squared away and gets his head down he could do very well. He'll need to be keen on the IT side of things (presume he is otherwise his career selection needs looking at). After some time he could be looking at doing all his Cisco courses and then be in a position as a network manager if he wants to get out if the Army is not the place for him after all.
  13. Matt, from a CSEng's perspective there's a lot you ca get out of the trade. If you go on to Class one you can gain a FdSc degree. On the C1 you also do Cisco CCNA Exploration and if you do well enough on that then you get a discount voucher for the full CCNA. Based on the unit you go to is critical in the trade though. Go to a mainstream Sig Regt and you'll be sat around drinking brew, playing darts and resetting DII Passwords until you go out on exercise to build tents and move them around 6 inches at a time.

    Go to an attached posting and you'll get into the trade quite well.
  14. Life isn't sweet for either trade at a mainstream signals unit that's out of the Herrick cycle. Probably because there's not kit.
  15. There is kit it's at Ashchurch the Regts have no appetite to take it as that would give the lads something to do!

    Munch Me