CSE-trading infantry experience for some techy stuff

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by RA2Be, Feb 13, 2010.

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  1. hey chaps,

    iv served with the royal marines and am now interested in gettin my hands into some qualifications and broadening the horizon. im extremely interested in this side of warfare. although my colleagues think the RM are the be all and end all of military life iv had a open view to the strength in depth we need to have in order to operate. Iv read up as much as i can about CSE from previous topics/threads but needed mine more specific to my querie.

    Iv done infantry and never really been a hands on chappy with computers etc obviously i know how to use bowman etc but as a complete novice and never having had a technical mind will i struggle with the phase 2 side of things? (phase one shouldnt prove a struggle after past experience) iv done ECDL but not at the required level.

    Im hoping a CSE would be able to reply and say they started with not knowing anything in depth about technology and is now loving the life after learning everything at phase 2.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I am a CSE with quite a few years experience. From what you've written it seems to me that maybe becoming a CSE might not be the right path for you. Considering your previous BOWMAN experience you might wish to consider going down the Communication Systems Operator trade route. Once you've then got your foot in the door and had time to settle into the Royal Signals way you might then want to 'hop across' and re-trade as a CSE or stay as a CSO. The choice is obviously entirely yours but I would give this some serious consideration before making the leap as it could potentially lead to some serious 'technical embarrassment'!!!

    What's everybody elses thoughts on this?
  3. Ouch..... give the guy a break!! I'm hoping that your comment wasn't directed at me anyway. This isn't a good impression to make on individuals who wish to join the corps with 'supposedly' more intelligent personnel than other Corps.

    Believe me we aren't all sick, soured, twisted and back-stabbing gits that these forums sometimes portray us to be (however, it does sometimes help!). Good luck with your possible application into the Royal Signals RA2Be.
  4. Sorry if it came on a bit arrogant but if the OP is serious then he needs to address the basic skills of communication. Posting on a forum has more relaxed rules than normal written/typed correspondence is granted, however, he wants to join the communication corps and the post was not at all tidy or easy to read even for a forum.

    Again apologies for being a boring and pernickety fart. I do wish the OP all the best in his future and hope he is successful.

  5. BrandySoured fair point. The points raised will hopefully be sorted when RA2Be comes across to the 'better Corps'!!!
  6. I'm hoping to join the Royal Signals in September time. And there is a recruiting staff sergeant that told me you need to be fairly good at maths.
    To what degree do you need to good at maths for this trade?
    I know the minimum requirement for maths is C. And i have just got my results luckily i archived a B. But it also says in the requirements Science/ICT. Know I'm a little bit confused here do i need both science and ICT or just one of them?
  7. Utter toilet.

    CSO is undermanned, CSE over/comfortable. So the chances of retrade are slim. Likewise, he wouldnt start at the top or middle, but as aClas3. His previous knowledge ofbowman etc, would help in both trades.

    You didnt start as a CSO di you? And you came in from civvie street I assume.
  8. To the OP.

    I retraded, albeit within the Royal Corp's. The one thing you need as a tech is an interest/ability to understand how things work.

    I wasn't particularly gifted academically, when i retraded. But I am pretty practical (in most things) and have endevoured to expand my knowledge base through courses and what not. I was never shy about getting someone who knew the kit to show me the stuff in unit.

    Maths is taught on the course,but you need an understanding in it, I wouldn't worry too much about ICT.... you'll be getting plenty of that on the CSE course.
  9. thanks for that, the sgt at the AFCO said that most people drop out at phase 2 because they find the maths too hard.
  10. With a entry level 3 for your joining up tests, it's safe to say you might just have some issues. That's not even a GCSE level fail, normal level 1 is thought of as equivalent competency to GCSE grades D-G.
  11. You need 26 marks on the TST test at selection you should do it easily if you got a B at maths in gcse, as i got a b in gcse like 5 years ago and past TST with like 38 marks
  12. I only got a C in maths, and found it not insurmountable. That was 7 years after leaving school. If the kids are saying the maths is too hard, either they fluked the school exam/it was too easy. Or they are seeking the less challenging CSO course.

    I've known retrading Lineies and Infantry pass the tech maths, and ultimately the course. Two trades not noted for their academic nature. Those who are dropping out areprobably just finding thegraft hard, rather then the maths.
  13. I only got 1 question wrong on my maths test. And he said I got a level 3
  14. They are not tests at the ACIO, i dont believe they count for anything.