CSE show or Cheerleader team your choice !

gibson097 said:
Ok check out the link below lots of phots war terror etc. But about 1/4 of the way down theres some pics of What teh USMC are getting. When we have to put up with Jim Bloody Davison Claire keep smiling through Sweeney and some ancient Cnutry and Western act.

Yep the yanks win by shipping out a whole team of Cheerleaders in shorts.
somebody is getting it wrong !

I agree with the Jim Davidson bit - kept me awake all night in Iraq when he kipped in next to us - he wasn't doing 20 hr days in a FOBT (still a funny bloke though). Nell McAndrew, on the other hand, was outstanding - wore white trousers which rapidly became see through due to the heat/sweat. Top girl and great to look at! However, send those Cheerleaders out any time!

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