Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Stringer, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. Alright everyone.
    I'm struggling to choose between CSE and EWSO.
    It says on the army jobs website that on posting to unit theres 'usually' a promotion to lance jack. Does this actually happen or is it something just to attract people to the jobs?

    Also the EWSO job spec says

    "After finishing trade training, you will be posted to the Field Army"

    Sorry if this is a really stupid question but what exactly is the field army? Is it different to being posted to a regular unit?

    Lastly, which of the two jobs would be more useful for gaining quals for civvy life?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Thanks for the reply mate, thats really helpful.

    So are you saying that CSE no longer get promoted to LCpl on the completion of training?

    From what you have said and other threads i've read i'm swinging back towards CSE.
  3. Royal Signals soliders who pass the EWSO course are still promoted to LCpl on completion of the course. To be honest postings are pretty limited in the trade, with the majority of people either going to JSSU Digby or 14 Sigs, although an increasing number have been coming to 11 EOD Regiment over the past couple of years. If you have any specific questions about the EWSO trade then feel free to PM me
  4. They are both good trades. Both get promoted to L/Cpl after trade training unless there are disciplinary/admin reasons not to be. The "field army" is the part of the army that is deployable (ie most of it) as opposed to static units. Static units include the training, trials, GCHQ and MOD postings and are not really suitable for someone strait out of training.

    IMO the tech job will give you the better trade for outside employment, but that will only matter if you are going to stay in for a relatively short time. If you do 22+ you will have shed loads of time to get all sorts of training/education no matter which one you go for.

    Over a long career, the promotion prospects are probably far better as a spec-op to get WO1/Le commission than as a tech. The tech job has a lot more posting variety. You wont go far wrong with either of those trades and you must have done well to be offered that choice. Congrats. :thumleft:
  5. Thanks for the replys lads. I think im going to stick with CSE then. If i do enjoy the job i intend on staying in the army for a long time. My medical forms were sent off from the docs to my ACIO yesterday so everything is starting to move. Thanks again for the info lads much appreciated
  6. I'm going to train for CSE as well, awaiting to start my phase 1 training atm.

    Thanks for the info.
  7. i'm also going CSE route a couple of months until basic now
  8. I've just completed Phase 1 and I'm currently at Blandford awaiting the start on my Phase 2 course.

    CSE is definately the way forward, my more varied than EW as said, so more variety in postings!

    When you do your phase 2 visits every Op will be trying to switch across!

    Good Luck with Phase 1