CSE In 216 Sqn

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dave_88, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Hey,

    Am just about to finish my CSE course at Blandford and now starting to look into postings. I've decided to go for York first and get some hands on experience in my trade, but my long term goal is to eventually go for 216.
    Alot of people here tell me that 216 don't need techs and just make them carry out the operator role, is this true or are they just trying to put me off? Also what is the general attitude towards techs in 216? Is it the usual banter, or are they actually looked down on?
    Also on tour do the 216 techs ever get the chance to get out on the ground? I know you lot must get bored of people asking this, I enjoy the trade and know thats what I will be doing the majority of the time. But I can't stand the thought of being cooped up inside Camp Bastion for a whole six month tour. I joined the Army with the hope of actually getting out on the ground a bit. Thanks for your time.
  2. As en ex-Bleep, it begs the questions:-
    1. If you WANT to DO all that, why join the Sigs as a Tech.?
    2. As above.
    3. As above.
  3. Do all what? All I have said is that I want to join 216, and get out on the ground a bit in Afghan. The rest of my post is just questions on 216. And I joined the Signals as a tech, because after looking at all the trades in the Signals, cse is the one that interested me the most.
  4. FFS, I thought this was about CSE shows.
  5. Jim Davidson was the best one I saw or maybe the Wurzels.
  6. Jim Davidson and the Wurzels were Paras.Well i never.
  7. I saw Mylene Klass on the plane back from Afghanistan. I have no idea if it was 216 she was entertaining.
  9. haha the lies they tell you at Blandford, the closest you will get to 'out on the ground' is watching the real soldiers on tv. Sorry buddy your a CS engineer just like me and you have to live with your job choice.
    On a brighter side at least you get solitare or pinball if your lucky.
  10. Yeah... that's odd. Being a CSE myself I have indeed 'been out on the ground'. Maybe you're just sh1t.

    To the OP. 2 Sigs will be good. It is a CSR so will rotate to Herrick soon. Knuckle down, learn your trade and you could be put in FOB troop. A small (5ish) group of blokes, one from each trade pretty much, who maintain comms at teh larger FOBs. There if you need to go out you may well do. But even a Tech in BSN will go out to the FOBs a lot to install, rip out or maintain. Ops less so in that unit.

    CSEs are needed in 216, and again you may get the chance to go out of the hesco. To my knowledge they are not used as Ops to their detriment, but you could well end up in such a role if you are needed. Your tech skills allow you to operate the kit as much as fix it, so make sure you keep up to speed with your VP.
  11. Big difference between being out on the ground or in a FOB. Our Techs (I'm ex tech) were fantastic, and showed up the infantry Sigs guys. Going out rewiring field fines like something out of "enemy at the gates" with no probs at all.
  12. Yes that's right chocolate frog I am SH1T indeed. However, my comment still stands I have yet to meet in person an IS/ CS engineer who has 'been out on the ground'.

    My point is simply that you spend a year at Blandford being told YOU WILL go out on patrols. When in reality you might not get a tour of Afghan even if you want it.
  13. That wasn't your point at all.

    What unit are you at? (not that interested btw) but that will have a bearing on your tours. No soldier is definitely going to go to Herrick, there are a number of other postings around the world.

    If you want to go, look for trawls, or ask for a posting to a RSIST and go to a unit gearing up for tour.

    Or you could just get used to being a tech playing pinball.
  14. Having just returned from H13 with 216 i can assure you there is scope to "get out on the ground a bit" as a tech. Clearly this all depends on what job you get out there, but the tech on my RLD was an Operator 90% of the time doing everything the Operators did. I simply didnt have the manpower to allow me to dedicate him to repairing COAXs and filling out 1045's.