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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Hamwise, Jul 29, 2010.

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  1. Morning/Afternoon/Evening all,

    I'm quite early in my CSE career, but I am quite curious to find out what peoples opinions are of a desirable career path within the trade.

    A lot of people I've spoken to are not keen on going the FoS, and are more interested in RD.

    I - personally - would have no interest in opting for RD (not keen on the bullshit side of life) and would want to focus on working towards FoS(IS) (if, indeed, such a role or distinction is needed at the time). How long should this take usually? With a lot of effort and focus and how quickly could this (theoritically at least) be achieved. Similarly, how long would it take to reach class 1? I've heard figures bandied about from 2-5 years, is that accurate?

    What, if anything, can be done to accelerate along this path - is it just a case of proving to be an outstanding tradesman. I'm sure the usual popularity contest comes into it at least a bit.

    Thanks in advance - I'd have looked in the 'pedia but it's a bit out of date (...I can't find CSE in it)
  2. CSE career, do you meanlike singing and dancing? At the Maze once, CSE put a Strongman act on the stage, when the rugby squad pulled on each end of the rope that was looped round his neck, he realised that perhaps a little more work was needed on his workouts.

    Funny as.

    Hope that's helpful.
  3. ...Not really.
  4. Glad to be of assistance.
  5. How long have you been in the Royal Corps Hamwise?? since the CSE courses began in 2008 then unless you retraded into the trade of CSE then you have been employed by HRH for just over 2 years now - if you take a look at the guidelines for career progression for Royal Signals Tradesmen published Apr 09 then you will know that you finish Cl3 CSE course. The next 12 months is upto you to complete your Cl3 to Cl2 workbook and become a Cl2 tradesman. you must wait a further 2 years whilst completing your Cl1 workbook. This serves a dual purpose - 1 gives you experience in rank and 2. experience in trade. Following the 2 years it has taken you to complete the Cl1 workbook you will then sit on a waiting list to be loaded onto your Cl1.

    Now there is something you must bear in mind how many Cl2 techs/IS tradesmen now hold the title of CSE and are also waiting to be loaded onto a Cl1 course - its a big line and if you are young and experienced then grab a number and wait in line - 2 - 5 years is realistic and beyond in my opinion.

    Hope this helps and if your on a Cl1 within 5 years of leaving Blandford you have done well - as for loading onto FofS(IS) selection you will be waiting another 2-5 years after Cl1 I would guess.