CSE and field Army deployments...?

Hi, I'm enthusiastically waiting for my Phase1 later this month, joining as CSE.

I'm looking for information on which Signals Regiments and Deployments would offer the most 'green' or 'field army' in that role. I'm physically very fit and experienced out-doors enthusiast, something I'd like to continue with my career in the Forces.

I appreciate we do not have a say in where we are needed, but I would like any information you can offer; at least I can arrive knowledgeable, and show interest and willing, in the right directions.

Thanks, Nick.
I'm assuming you've checked out the Royal Signals website???? If not follow linky.....


You are right in assuming that you will not have a say in where you are sent initially, although there can be a little flexibility. More and more now at Blandford there are occasions where guys within the same intake have swapped postings to suit.

Your best bet is to wait until you arrive at Phase 1 training. There should be Signals NCO's there that can give you a little insight. Failing that, you will have ample opportunity to find out all about Signals Units when you arrive at Blandford for Phase 2.

Without doubt our Corps has it's problems, but it has alot going for it too. As well as learning a valuable trade there are lots of avenues for you to explore. Whether you fancy jumping out of aircraft, working closely with the guys in balaclavas, pursuing a sport, leaping about on motor bikes or pushing your Trade to the max.

Best of luck bud.


PS. Burbled a bit.... but dat's coz i'm watching telly innit'!
Thanks for the response DG! Signals is definitely the place for me as I'm a good mix of techy and physical, also I'm confident no Corps are perfect so I'm very happy(equips flack jacket for ensuing flaming). In fact, even if I wanted to change trades, feeling that CSE wasn't green enough for me, it would more then likely be to another Signals role.

I did notice that the CSE brief on the Army website mentions deploying with Para's, Marines and even SF, possibilities that defiantly sparked my interest. My fitness was comfortably good enough to join the Para's, but as an older recruit, I wanted the tech interest, promotion and pay that goes with it(CSE) [EDIT] I just don't want to spend my career on a base away from the action, thats my only concern and real info about this complex trade is hard to find :)

I didn't know it was not until phase2 we received our deployments, so thats good news.
You'll have plenty of time to find out information whilst in training. 14 weeks Phase 1, and 44+ weeks in Blandford. I was in Blandford for 13 months =/
Once you have finished your trade training you will be asked to submit a PPP (posting preference Performa) also known as your dream sheet. This is where you indicate where you would like to be posted to. They will look at it and see if there are any spots for you to fill once you finish training. Be aware that there are plenty of opportunities out there, with all different aspects of the forces. I'm sure you will be shown everything during your training.
Thanks for the responses so far, all helping to give me an accurate picture of whats to come!

The only thing that I've not been able to discover from searching the arsechives is exactly how field based vs how desk job this trade really is. Seems that theres a great deal of variation in the role, depending on the deployment, hence my inquiries.
It is a result of merging two trades together. IS Engineer - Computer Geeks, and Systems Engineer Technician - Just Geeks.

As a CS Eng I'm working mainly in ISM, and TQMS/R&I.

Stores, paperwork, lots of computers.

In your trade you'll learn basic signals skills, such as cable laying, Bowman, voice procedures etc. You'll have a final exercise that is part of what CS Ops do, you'll be out in a muddy field in rovers, putting up/taking down camnets every 10 seconds, and establishing comms.

That's about as green as it gets with that trade.
At the junior levels, up to and maybe even including Sgt, there will be more practical that paperwork. That doesn't mean there won't be any though, as any good engineer needs to keep records and not to do so is very poor practice. Some units are more out on the ground than others, but as long as you steer clear of a large HQ for your first tour you'll get plenty of opportunity to get out and about.

Once you get to Sgt and hopefully beyond, you will be in charge of others and their eqpt etc. Then the focus begins to shift bit by bit, but by that time you'll probably prefer a nice warm workshop to a breezy tank park anyway. If not, go SF or Para. I don't think there are any Commando jobs for R Sigs CSEs as the Marines and the REME cover it, but I could be mistaken or just out of date.

Ask around at Blandford when you are in the bar or on duty. The upgraders will give you the lowdown on their unit, but they will nearly always be a bit negative; it's the way they are. Don't bother looking in the Wire for info, it is truly anodyne and barely ever reflects the real character of a unit.

Anyway good luck.


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