Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by FredWest, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Quick question, I quit my job in Oct, now working on a contract.

    The CSA money was going out of my salary at source. Since I started working on contract i've been paying money into the Ex's account, through standing order, told the CSA when I quit etc, and not missed any payments.

    Reason money was going out at source, Ex screwed me out of 2k last year, I was paying cash, no receipts etc, she thought she'd get more money from me with the CSA, all in all I couldn't prove that i'd given her the money, except for there were cash withdrawls on the same day every month for the exact amount of CSA, but that's not an issue.

    I ended up with just over 2k in arrears. Got a call on Wed from a SWT at their Dudley office asking when I was going to pay the £3200 in arrears, I gave her me usual tone of disgust, and asked her where this figure came from, she then proceeded to tell me that she couldn't say, I asked for it to be confirmed in writing and yet again she said stated that they couldn't do that.

    As I stated to her that if a bank or any other institute stated that I owed them money, that once requested, they had to put it in writing?

    Any advice and/or ideas appreciated.
  2. If they havent given you details of the sum owed first and foremost do a handwritten note of the conversation on a piece of paper and sign it and date it. It doesnt need to be anything spectacular , but will be useful if those muppets take this matter further and deny the conversation.

    You should in fact write everything down they say as you chat to them....you would not believe how often they change their tune....if they go to fast for you, just say slow down, i am writing all this down ( i do it all the time to my advantage) ...its amazing how they then behave differently. Another top tip is that you ALWAYS take their name and extension number (because there will be zillions of Jones' in the CSA) before the conversation starts.

    Then write a letter to them explaining the nature of the call and that you wish to:

    a) receive details of the sums owed
    b) that you wish to have a breakdown of the same
    c) seek acknowledgement of your earlier communication informing them of your change of ocupation/salary
    d) the date of the reassessement (that should have taken place due to your change in circumstances)
    e) that the reply must be in writing

    You should be paying 15% of your net income (after tax and national insurance payments) if you have 1 child 20% for two children 25% for three children.

    If you are now self employed(?) they cant do an attachment of earnings

    If you are in and out of work get them to do an average assessemnt over a 6 or so month period so it evens out.

    I hope it helps.
  3. Dredd,

    Go the name and extension of the dopey bint, she basically called me a workshy lazy tw@, was gutted she knew me so well, the only thing she bothered about was this 'debt' not the fact that even though I'd quit my job, I'd got another one so quickly.

    The attachment of earnings is not an issue, the Ex is getting exactly what she should, minus the extra 5% arrears that they shifted on my last year, and she's happy with this.

    Even though she shafted me last year, I've had to put that out of the window, and I do actually talk to her with a civil tone now.

    As soon as I hung up on the witch at the CSA, I phoned the Ex and told her the conversation i'd had, because I thought, she'd phoned them up trying to get more cash again. Howver, she stated that she'd only phoned them up to tell them that she was getting money from me and there was no need to chase me.

    I left work early, went to her house to discuss it further, and whilst I was there this woman phoned her, the Ex made the same request that I did for the arrears to be issued in writing, guess what? Woman said no worries Mrs Ex FredWest, be in the post today.

  4. No worries, let us know how you get on!
  5. Still nothing from the CSA, although, I do know they contacted my previous Employer and asked them why they'd not sent any money to them since December last year (my other half is the company accountant). The amount of arrears equates to all the cash that my DCofS sent to the CSA.

    The ignorant bint at the CSA asked her to forward proof of all payments taken from my salary for the past year, which she duly did.

    How frightening is it that a Government Agency can "lose" over £4k from their system, (if the Ex SWT wasn't getting any money she'd be straight on the phone to them), then threaten me with all sorts (not the sweetie kind, although I do not like them, so that might work), speak to me like I'm a criminal, and all because (the lady loves Milk Tray), they are so incompetent!

  6. the Child Support Act 1991 took 2 years to implement and only came into force in 1993...from then on it got from bad to very worse.

    In all my professional career ( i qualified in 1995) the CSA has been the bugbear of women and men alike. They have destroyed relationships literally speaking.

    They have been completely incompetent throughout, often chasing men when the women dont want them to, and leaving men alone when women are in dire straits financially.

    Several Act amendements later, because no one could actually fathom out an assessment calculation and several millions spent on IT systems the CSA continues to remain the object of derision and digust to women and men alike.

    Unfortunately your case is by far the norm and not untypical whatsoever. I wish I could give you more practical advice or even better legal information ....but there aint none to give.

    That really is how bad they are.......Battle on my friend, hopefully some muppet will see sense at some point and solve it for you ....unfortunately I doubt it.

    Sad but true.

    The CSA are and have always been a disgrace.
  7. Dredd, thanks, there's not really an issue, because I won't sit back and be bullied by these people. I know it will be sorted, even the Ex is playing fair on this. It just annoys me when some Muppet, who thinks they're better than me, tries to berate me, telling me that I'm a bad debtor, when it's their bleeding fault.

    Knowing that all their calls are recorded, I do get the old "I understand why guys top themselves because of you", whcih always has them backtracking a little.

    I'll phone the idiots soon, and demand a grovelling apology, no doubt, none will be forthcoming.

    CSa = Can't Sort Anything!
  8. Why not just stop the phone calls, and go round and speak mano et mano?

    Screw notes, buy a dictaphone.
  9. Apparently I'm not allowed to upset them on the phone, they call the bad men in blue!!!
  10. You could tape your self saying "This phone call may be recorded for training purposes" :D
  11. Fred - have suffered nearly six years of this fiasco - which is still ongoing, but finally on the home straight. Know the damage that it does, my advice to you at this moment in time, is to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act for all of the information they have in relation to your case.

    This will result in the following.

    1. The CSA will then allocate a case-worker who is independant of your case to review the output produced within the FOI Request timeframe. This case-worker will also (for internal reporting and task / timekeeping matrices) categorise the likely reasons that you have requested a copy of the aformentioned, and any actions that should be taken to "correct" the client file that they have observed.

    2. A member of CSA staff will have to read through and obliterate any information that states the identity of any third parties who have had contact with the CSA in relation to your case. Depending on duration that the CSA have had initial application, this could be quite a few pages of printout of the bandprinter - 30 - 80 pages isn't unusual for anyone who has written a couple of letters. This could include medical input from GP's (reasonable to confirm any stated disabilty by the PWC), your employers (confirmation of employment terms), the Parent with Care (PWC), the financial figures supplied by yourself and your former spouse, and finally notes should show any contact that you have had either by telephone, or in writing with the CSA.

    As an agency that has the ability to wreck lives, and where a person who you've never met and never will meet makes life defining decisions that are incredibly difficult to change, you may consider that it is reasonable that you force the agency to pay close attention to your case in this manner. You won't be the only one - and strangely, those that I've pointed in this direction have generally got a better / quicker resolution.

    Good luck.

    NB. When you speak to the Agency, just request the First Name and Team Number of the member of staff that you are talking to. Assuming that you know which regional office you are communicating with, if you're unsure ask. Make a quick note in the diary and this will tally with any future FOI Requests, won't it!
  12. I've had CSA staff refuse to give ther name, claiming it was to prevent harassment. An RAF solicitor I used even had them hang up on him. The only time I got anywhere was when I threatened a letter to my MP-they actually returned a phone call then!

    Due to a screw up on their behalf, I'm only after a re-assessment! I've lost count of the times my ex has called saying she hasn't had any cash off them for 3 months. I had a face to face chat with a Forces Focal Point rep Oct before last, who was appalled by my version of events. Needless to say I am now trying to find out why she has not taken the promised action!
  13. Why don't you agree with your ex to have a standing order as per the amount you usually pay per month via CSA and bin CSA altogether?
  14. CSA now automatically get involved if the other half is claiming benefits irrespective of the parties wishes
  15. When did he say she was on benefits?