Does any one know that the hell phasing is referance going from old CSA calculation to the new system?

Under the new system my monthly payment is lowered :lol: however due to phasing it wont be reduced to the new amount for a number of years :evil:

Cant get a straight answer no matter who i talk to, just wondered if anyone else has had the same thing.
I think it a roundtoit job ie if you are already paying then you are not the problem and they will sort it out in their own time. I don't think there is a timetable. Have you tyried F4J they might have some good links.

Phasing, as I understand from many a conversation with DWP staff at the CSA, is the CSA's speak for, we've cocked up your calculations, and there is an amount of money outstanding either from you or to you (overpayment) the problem being that we can't take it in one hit, or pay it back in one hit - think staged payments. At least, this was the way it was explained to me, but knowing the DWP, this could all be rubbish.

I came into contact with this expression after returning from TELIC 1, during which time, Glasgow (according to the CSA) had not forwarded the £600 deducted from me each month, to the CSA. As a result, when I returned to my civilian employers and appeared on the payroll again, the CSA took the “We haven’t had a penny of maintenance from you for your children since February, and we’re going to collect the deficit (7 x£600) ASAP.

My civilian employer was then sent an Arrest of Wages instruction, which took 85% of my nett salary. As a result, financial meltdown occurred, and at the point (April 2004, according to the CSA) Glasgow paid the CSA £4200, the CSA duly paid it all to my ex-wife, despite promising to return the funds to me. So, having “double paid”, the CSA explained that they would have to carry out phasing to offset the overpayment, against future assessments, and averaged out over the remaining period that I am paying maintenance, which is about 8 years, so the monthly “rebate” is pitiful.

Be sure to ask them to define what they mean – and get it in writing – insist on it. Some staff at the CSA have been known to tell untruths!

In respect of going from the old to the new system, ask for a copy of everything they hold about you on the old system. Once you are on the new system (enjoy those first few months), compare the calculation matrix against your former deduction. More often than not, they get it wrong – ah, that system again.

Not sure if this helps you, but forewarned and all of that…

Oh, and if you are an "Administrative Case" which seems to happen a lot with people who travel around a lot, be aware that your hardcopy case files, are probably located many miles from the person who is responsible for them, and the inevitable delay in obtaining records.


Yep your right it has been a constant battle to get a straight answer i can tell they lie all the time and i am absolutely disgusted with with the system, but i will ask for all the info they have on me though just to have a look

Cheers for the advice

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