Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by mucus2, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. Any CSA guru's here. Need some help / advice pretty swiftly.

  2. We has some bint from Gladiators, and Jim Davidson pop out to entertain us. He was quite good.
  3. Whilst that made me laugh, it didn't help in the great scheme of things.

    Fail! :D
  4. What do you need to know? And are you on the old or new system?
  5. On the new system, from September this year.

    Basically, my income has shot up from what it was, by a couple of hundred a week. Only downside is I'm working away from home, so as well as paying my share at home for rent and stuff, I'm also stumping up at least £150 per week in lodging and food.

    Will they take this into account when they do the new sums?
    Also, will they take into account the fact my childrens mother earns double what I do?

    Sorry if that's a tad ranty, but they and her have flicked all my switches.... :x
  6. On the new system it doesn't matter what your ex earns or how much your outgoings are.

    15% net for 1 kid, 20% for 2 etc...

    Here's the calculator: https://secureonline.dwp.gov.uk/csa/v2/en/calculate-complete.asp

    Although the old system took outgoings into account you are honest to god far far better off on the new system.

    Wish I was on the new system... I would be saving about £250 a month :(
  7. Lampoc is right.

    May I ask, are you employed or self-employed?
  8. Employed.

    Does it make a difference?
  9. Begger me, that's hardly fair though is it? :x
  10. Well, of course, everyone must be scrupulously honest when declaring where they stand financially to the CSA. If you are employed your firm supplies payslips and it is all very easy. If you are self employed (and depending on what line of work you are in and how you do your invoicing and accounting) it can sometines be a little more opaque.

    Some less scrupulous self employed people under-declare their income while overstating their business expenses, meaning that the CSA assessment comes out lower than it otherwise might.

    I would recommend that you do not do that and that you are entirely honest and frank in your disclosure.
  11. Your not automatically assessed anymore, so unless your ex asks for you to be reassessed you won't be. So if I were you I would keep stum about the increase in earnings.
  12. From my experience of the CSA I would say bend over and take it like a man coz they will shaft you til you die. Don't tell the ex owt or she'll be on the phone to them before you can sneeze.

    As an aside if she's accessed your email accounts etc, is that not illegal?
  13. I agree with kernowpuss as I just gone through a re-assessment as my eldest just turned 16.

    You only legally need to inform them of where you live (£1000 fine if you don't), you do not need to declare a change of earnings to the CSA - unless you're paying your weekly bill through your employer (a deduction of earnings I think they call it.).

    Also if you ex asks for a reassessment they can only back date your extra income to the time of when they received your ex's request.
  14. You must, just must, take it like a man and pay up. Otherwise it's your kids you're depriving. Could you look them in the eye when they find out? Good luck with sorting it all out
  15. Well i believe they lost in the American Civil War!

    However its the Child support agency your after, a few pointers;-

    1.15% of your salary for 1 child
    20% 2 children
    25% 3 children(doent matter how many after that)
    2. The ammount gets reduced if they stay with you for weekends/holidays.
    3. A court order can be made to take straight out of your wages, NO you cant get it removed, only if your ex agrees otherwise.
    They are the basics really. Hope that helps.