CSA - they are still great!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Good to see the CSA are still making a thorough balls up of things again.

    The Times

    Just when you though the countries legal system couldn't get any more stupid, along comes this.

    I thought the CSA were going ot be culled? As one of the worst mistakes, ever, by the government?

  2. The CSA have been great for us. They got the TW0T to pay up for 17 years....yeeesss.
  3. And I'll bet you promptly blew it on everything but the kids.
  4. -cough- bitter -cough-

    fathers for justice member, maybe? :batman:
  5. No mate, just feel a bit sorry for the blokes who are pursued to the ends of the earth for money which the intended recipients (i.e. the kids) will never see unless they are staring at it in the corner of the room in the form of a flat screen. All for people paying up for their kids, it's a sh*te's trick to do a runner and not look after your responsibilities, but it's a bigger sh*tes trick to chase someone for money that you have no intention of spending upon anyone else other than yourself. It sounded a bit like the poster was showing off which I thought was a bit shitty. There's been blokes who the CSA have hounded to their deaths and not because they weren't paying in the first place, but because they wanted what the bloke just didn't have enough of to survive himself.

    Gloating about it just appears to me to be a pretty low thing to do and speaks volumes about the 'gloater'. I hope the kids in that relationship are well looked after and aren't living in some sink estate with two chain smoking alocoholics who spend all of their days in front of the Plasma screen watching adverts about how much they can borrow.
  6. The CSA have been a life saver for me !! My ex wanted a completly unreasonable amount for my 2 kids (40% of my income !!) I just went on the CSA calculator & it spat back 20% which is fair & what I budgeted for anyway. I just told her thats what your gettin if you dont like it go to the CSA !! Have,nt heard a squeak from her since !! result.

  7. Thats crap about the ex-wife pleading not to send him to prison....you can opt out of the CSA at anytime.

    Why didn't she then?

    She might not have wanted to see him in prison, but she certainly wanted his cash. Greedy Bint.
  8. Bang on Biscuits, I nearly fell into that trap, another trick she tried was limiting the nights I have them stay in order to claim more dosh. Its always the law abiding paying dads that get screwed eh ? The waste of rations like my girlfriends ex , who has,nt paid a penny or hardly seen his kids in 12 years are the tw4ts who always seem to get away with it. All she can hope for now is that this new body replaceing the CSA will actually work & screw the people who really do need screwing. She knows he,ll never afford the back pay & dont really want it. All she wants is for the bloke to man up & start contributing now.


  9. You fkin hope do you? I think from some of your posts that you have kids, well if you do you must know how much they cost to bring up properly. I will not go into my personal circumstances for a knob like you but my kids have been brought up ok. When the wife split up with this knob, she was lucky to get £10 off the D1ck, she had a mortgage, part time job and 2 kids to look after, he was/is a knob. When the CSA got involved he had to pay, simple as. If you are trying to get someone to bite as you do in the NAAFI bar, you will not.
  10. Brinkmanship me thinks.
  11. The CSA are the work of the devil....

    I recently received a letter from them informing me that I'd informed them that my wife was starting maternity leave this week....When I called them to ask what the hell was going on, they INSISTED that I'd informed them, even though my wife isnt up the duff, and is highly unlikely to be again due to circumstances beyond our control...

    So...not only did the missus think i'd been boffing someone else, she also had it rubbed in her face that she cant conceive right now...

    Bunch of b@st@rds, the lot of them. And yes, I do pay what I owe to my scheming, filthy ex wife.....
  12. If he had ever bothered his arrse to see his kids they would now know what he looked like, as it is they came to the conclusion themselves what a knob he is.
  13. Trying to get a bite? Nah, not me mate. Your post sounded quite vindictive and celebratory, which I find quite indicative of a certain calbre of man. I'm glad that your wife's kids are being looked after properly and that their real father has paid up what is due. You seem pretty handy with the insults yourself, but let's keep that form of communication for the NAAFI eh?

    You said 'my kids'? Sorry,unless I am mistaken but they aren't yours are they, although it's admirable that you have taken them as your own and I trust that all is well.
  14. With the proviso that there are no "arrears" to the CSA, Moody. This applies even when those arrears are subject to a tribunal hearing.

    This case clearly shows some of the flaws in the system. Following recent judgements, coudn't the judge simply tell the criminal here, to write to his victim (the CSA) and say how sorry he was?

    In the UK, paedophile's go free and we criminalise good fathers - some indictment of Blair's ten year tenure.
  15. There's that word 'knob' again?