CSA soldiers. Still single? Get a qtr.

As a divorced soldier paying CSA i was finding it increasingly difficult to find time to spend with my children.  Having spoken to the Families Ofiicer i find that lo and behold i am entitled to a quarter even though i am no longer married.    

We are not talking about the transit quarters that you can rent for a weekend but a quarter (size dependant on how many children you have) full time.

This may rankle a few wives and blokes who to be honest are not in the situation many soldiers are in.

So i say if you want to see more of your children, get in those A10s.

Any comments??
Good on yah matey.  ;D

Specially since you cant let them stay in theblock/mess due o health and safety

Just one question though, would you get a quarter as an entitlement or as a softner for welfare purposes ? ???
Any soldier, whether a parent or not, can apply for a surplus quarter.
Entitlement depends on individual circumstances.
I would rather have single people living in the empty quarters on my patch than leave them unoccupied.
That would be a good idea,except there arn't any surplus quarters avaliable in our Regiments patch!!!! ;D,plus half of them are in a right state,thats why many people now are applying for quarters in the next garrison area......which seems a damn fine idea to me! ;D
REF empty quarters,
Being a living out soldier in a permant relationship, unmarried with a child, I feel Its about time the MOD get their head out of their B********S and and dragged theirselves into the 21st century, its a well known fact that if their soldiers had a good stable homelife with the backing from their Partner/Wife there would be a lot less people signing off...if this means giving SLO soldiers and their partners quarters than so be it...I agree there will have to be some sort of vetting process (to avoid some young sprog picking up a slapper in stickies and confessing undying love ) but it would be I think you will all agree a very worthwile exercise  ;D
As for the standard of the quarters well thats another story....I have heard some NIGHTMARE stories from friends on the Larkhill patch about the standard of quarters and the amount of time to get faults fixed...what are the DHE doing with all the cash..certainly not paying anyone to work in the office there as they are never in, and when you do eventually get through on the phone they always want to make an appointment at a time when you cant be there...after all we all know how flexible the ARMY is with time off
I am a single bloke with a steady girlfriend based in Colchester. We are expecting a baby in January and so approached the DHE about a misappropiated quarter. They rudely refused but, after getting advice from a mate, got my boss to write a letter to the DHE about my situation and DHE agreed to give me a quarter subject to a few rules.

There are a lot of empty quarters in Colchester, the house we have been given has both sides empty. So if you are in the same situation as myself then go for it.

Good Luck
Yea all for it back at the HOME we have guys / gals that are seperated that have quarters, although they do find it hard  ie the one parent family and army routine. But good support from friends and family and they are doing fine all round so "At the end of the day it does work and there kids still see both parents" 8)
The problems seems to be a non-standard agreement across all Garrisons.  I know a bloke who got a surplus qtr in his current camp, his kids regularly stayed, he build up a good  relationship with them and also fitted the place out.  He then gets posted (Germany) and the land of RO's with purple noses turned him down stating that Garrison policy was no qtrs to go to seperated soldiers without custody.

So - give with one hand and take away with the other!
I suggest the key thing here is to communicate. Speak to DHE and your chain of command.

Spare quarters are on the decline but most garrisons have what is known as contact houses where specific quarters are set aside for example, when separated officers and soldiers want to see their children.

Surplus quarters are on the decline which is a pity. When quarters were sold to Annington Homes the MOD agreed to keep a certain percentage surplus to requirement, however the MOD still retain a significant amount of quarters well above that percentage for which the MOD pay rent. This is money that could be better used for more pressing matters hence the MOD's desire to reduce the amount of spare quarters to the minimum.

The golden rule, I suggest, is to communicate. Speak to unit and garrison welfare officers who are there to provide a service.
Two points to make:

I am still married (just) and have been living in SFA in the next garrison to my place of duty - and claiming RPOD - for 2 years. I was placed here as there were no quarters available locally when I applied. Now I am told that I have to move or lose my RPOD. THis is despite my kids being in school, my missus having a job, and due posting at the start of next year. Is seems pretty arrse to me.

Sceondly, if as seems likely I do separate in the near future (which may negate my first point), and I get custody of my kids (as also seems likely), what help do I get? SFA is an entitlement I am sure, but does the system offer any other assistance?
Now I am told that I have to move or lose my RPOD. THis is despite my kids being in school, my missus having a job, and due posting at the start of next year. Is seems pretty arrse to me.
Yes I agree, but who is telling you this ?  See the Housing Manager and state your case, if still a problem see your Unit Welfare Officer and OC. Ensure you give all the reasons why you do not want to be moved.

what help do I get? SFA is an entitlement I am sure, but does the system offer any other assistance?
You will probably be eligible for a quarter but you will have to sort out a child minder to ensure that you can work as your unit requires you to work, and that may include operational deployments, exercises and other periods away from home and/or long hours of work. Like any other employer, the Army does not make any allowances if you have custody of the children. I suggest you speak to your UWO staff as soon as you can so you get the facts. Good luck  :)

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